Squadra PizzaLab: Famous Chefs Think Outside the Box

Claudia Bartoli
copertina pizza joan roca

Four guys have created a brand of pizzerias with locations throughout Catalonia. This square-shaped pizza is the project of prominent chefs, such as Joan Roca, who created a limited-edition ad hoc topping.

The news

What is Squadra PizzaLab? This is a business that was born during the covid pandemic thanks to the resourcefulness of four Spanish friends born and raised in Girona. In a short time, the brand has expanded like wildfire with several outlets in the territory of Catalonia; the reason for Squadra PizzaLab’s popularity are mainly two: the product and the marketing of it. Square pizzas can be purchased through a digitized system, divided between takeout and delivery. But it doesn't end there: even a great chef like Joan Roca collaborated with this young creative reality, personally signing the toppings for the leavened doughs.




"When we decided to take this route, we knew we wanted to do something different from what already existed," the guys explained about it. "Our business model is based on takeout, delivery & on-site eating, where packaging plays a key role. Because the boxes are square, we thought it was absurd to put a round pizza in them; so we decided to make pizzas with the shape of the box," collaborations with prominent chefs began, along with a focus on social media and the perfect takeout; according to the founders, this consumption model is becoming increasingly popular.






Let's cut to the chase: what does Joan Roca's pizza look like? The chef has come up with an exclusive limited edition for the Squadra PizzaLab locations in Barcelona, Girona and La Cerdanya with sobrassada (typical sausage the Mallorca island), goat cheese, rocket salad, basil, grape reduction and red fruits on a simple tomato and mozzarella base. The cost? 14.50 euros, an accessible amount that will allow everyone to enjoy it without it being too expensive. "We wanted to start 2023 “with a bang” and what better way to do it than with the help of one of the country's most prestigious chefs, also from Girona? Joan Roca was undoubtedly the ideal person to come up with our seasonal gourmet pizza. A similar version to what the three brothers, owners of the Cellar, used to prepare at home in their spare time. They were not looking for something overly complicated, but delicious"

The pizza created in collaboration with Joan Roca




In addition to the pizza designed by the Three MICHELIN Star chef, Squadra PizzaLab has also activated heartfelt partnerships, such as the one with the Astrid 21 Foundation, through which special delivery boxes dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day were designed. Between ethics and important partnerships, the square pizza brand seems ready to take over.


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