Massimiliano Mascia

Imola - Emilia Romagna

Max Mascia

Discover the culinary journey of Massimiliano Mascia, known as Max, the prominent chef at Ristorante San Domenico. Thanks to him, the venue has become a true laboratory of gastronomic experiences, inviting diners to dive into the magic of cooking.


Massimiliano Mascia joined Ristorante San Domenico at just 14 years old, spending his life immersed in the culinary arts under the guidance of the Marcattilii brothers, the founders of the restaurant. This long "gastronomic incubation" allowed Max to absorb not only sophisticated culinary techniques but also the values of a working environment that promotes collaboration and mutual respect like a large family (MICHELIN Guide).

Over the years, Max has introduced significant innovations to the restaurant, including a complete renovation of the kitchens in 2022. This project, developed in collaboration with architects and technicians, aimed to create more sustainable and efficient spaces, reflecting his philosophy of "uncompromising goodness." His demanding yet respectful leadership has created a cohesive team that shares a dedication to culinary excellence (MICHELIN Guide).

Max has reinvented the culinary experience at San Domenico, introducing an approach that values conviviality and direct interaction with guests. This has allowed patrons to actively participate in the experience, entering the kitchen and observing the preparation of dishes up close. This innovation has not only strengthened the bond between chef and customer but also transformed the way haute cuisine is perceived and experienced (MICHELIN Guide).

Massimiliano Mascia has skillfully blended respect for tradition with a bold vision for the future. He continues to lead Ristorante San Domenico with a passion that inspires both his team and his guests, making every visit an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the simple act of eating.


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