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Argentinian Restaurant Charges for Leftovers: "Doggy Bag Policy Raises the Bill"

Serena Curto
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A customer at a Comodoro Rivadavia restaurant finds an unexpected surcharge on the bill after requesting a doggy bag. However, it's the owner's reaction that stirs even more controversy.

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Usually, restaurant customers seek a pleasant culinary experience when dining out. Alongside this essential element, good service plays a key role in deciding whether to recommend a chosen establishment. In this context, in Comodoro Rivadavia, in the Chubut province of Argentina, a Twitter user expressed their indignation over an unusual surcharge they discovered on their bill, sparking a tweet about the incident.

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It turns out that while dining at a gourmet address, this individual found an unexpected detail on the bill that left them outraged, prompting them to share the experience on their Twitter account. The user, @EmirSNM, complained, "I experienced an unpleasant and embarrassing situation. I complained because they wanted to charge me for the leftovers to take away after the meal, and the staff reacted poorly." This unexpected extra charge incited the consumer's protest and an unexpected response from the restaurant owners. According to the attached bill that was shared, the man had ordered a coffee with milk, a juice, and a "Sicilian-style" pizza at the restaurant. The bill included the cost of utensils, and then, inexplicably, an "to go" charge was added at the end, triggering the consumer's outcry and an unforeseen reaction from the restaurant owners.

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"I asked them who came up with this idea, and their excuse was that the costs of plastic trays had increased. I told them that it wasn't a valid reason, and they made me return the tray and the cardboard that wrapped the pizzas," explained the protagonist of this story, who was charged an additional 200 pesos. This was considered a highly inappropriate company policy, as the restaurant was obligated to provide a tray for taking away the leftovers from the dish the customer had already paid for. Furthermore, the restaurant owner apparently escalated the situation further, leading to a heated argument.

doggy bag patatine

"When I returned them, he said to me, 'Get out, because if we were on the street, I'd talk to you differently.' And again: 'I'm out at midnight, take the tray, because I'll beat you up in front of all the customers.' To conclude the story, which had gone viral on social networks, the customer detailed the aftermath of their experience, so that locals would know what happens at that restaurant when it comes to requesting a similar service. "The owner, faced with my firm yet calm responses, came to the entrance to threaten me again. When I turned around, he wanted to hit me."

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With hundreds of likes, the post went viral, and users shared their opinions on this unusual situation that no one would want to encounter, adding their own testimonies. Many instances of dissatisfaction were recounted: "Once, my wife and I went out to dinner, and initially, we were served by a waiter who never returned. After 40 minutes, we left, that was the end of it," or: "They took 2 hours and brought me something completely different from what I had ordered." The online controversy continues!

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