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Renowned Michelin-starred Chef Assaults Employees and is ousted from workplace in the hotel: Serious Incident in California

Francesca Feresin
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John Tesar, the Knife Modern Steak’s Michelin-starred chef, is removed from his workplace after breaking a drum held by one of the staff members.

According to reports, the controversial chef John Tesar was ousted from a hotel hosting one of his restaurants following an alleged altercation with striking workers.

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The Michelin-starred chef, a protege of the late TV chef and author Anthony Bourdain, has been described as the "most controversial chef in Dallas" due to his notorious outbursts. In a video obtained by PageSix, the 64-year-old can be heard shouting at staff members of Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Southern California, where his restaurant, Knife Modern Steak, is located.

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As per the publication, Tesar approached the demonstrators and purportedly broke a drum held by one of the workers using a kitchen spoon. Sources state that Tesar was incensed by the noise of the protest, which included "drums and chants." After the incident with the protesters, he was reportedly escorted off the property by the staff.

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A spokesperson for the hotel stated, "We have zero tolerance for violence of any kind. Mr. Tesar's actions and behavior do not align with our values or our commitment to promoting a positive and safe working environment for all employees. We immediately removed Mr. Tesar from the property and are reviewing next steps."

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The Independent reached out to Tesar for a comment. Bourdain once wrote of Tesar that he was "probably the most talented cook" he had ever worked with, but also noted some problematic behavior.

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"Tesar has pretty much written the book on this pattern of behavior: finding a way to create disasters every time success is around the corner, with the compensatory ability to recover again and again, or at the very least, survive." In a 2018 interview, he talked about his fiery appearances on Top Chef and claimed to have become "more introspective" in his later years.

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"The first season I participated in, I received a lot of criticism because I'm candid and often speak the truth," he told FSR Magazine. "People used to take it out on me because I have no filters and I react. But in the last season, I've learned to keep my head down and cook, although I still have a story to tell."

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