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Jan Hartwig: The German Chef That Broke Records Receiving Three MICHELIN Stars in Only Six Months

Alessandra Meldolesi
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Already a legend for his work at the Hotel-restaurant Atelier, Jan Hartwig received another confirmation for his restaurant JAN in Munich, which in just three short months received Three MICHELIN Stars.

The news

In Germany, the launching of the 2023 MICHELIN Guide gave light to many new stars: Leaving out the 28 Bib Gourmand, the starred restaurant in the country has risen to 334, adding 34 1-MICHELIN star restaurants, 16 MICHELIN Green Stars, 8 2- MICHELIN Stars, and one new 3-MICHELIN Star.

The International Director of the Guide, Gwendal Poullennec justified the choice because of the German dining, praising its resilience during critical times and the commitment towards sustainability, with an ever more local and seasonal presence. “Our team of inspectors were impressed by the energy unleashed in this grueling 2023, and it is with immense pleasure that we welcome JAN restaurant in the Three MICHELIN stars family!

The triumph of the day goes to 40-year-old Jan Hartwig, already awarded with the highest ranks at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof’s Atelier, chef of the first restaurant from last October. It carries his name, and it is based in Munich, in an elegant establishment, renamed “Labor der Liebe, (love’s lab). With a total of forty seats and an extra private room, it offers a 7-course tasting menu, composed of signature dishes. An impeccable style, eclectic, elegant, and never predictable.

Jan Hartwig mastered his art and craft to perfection and at times, he dares to surprise. The mosaic of products and flavors that can be discovered in his creations are fantastic, it represents the height of international gastronomy,” is written in the official statement. And, the MICHELIN Stars arrived only six months after the opening.

Always in Munich Dallmayer Fine Dining has been awarded Two MICHELIN Stars in one shot, making a total of fifty all together. Among the special awards, one goes to Christian Bau of the Three MICHELIN-Starred Victor Fine Dining as mentor chef, and the Best Young Chef title goes finally to a woman, Alina Meissner-Bebrout of bi-braud in Ulm, who received her first star.

Source: Food & Sens

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