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Canu, The Winery in The Heart of Gallura: Introducing The New Wines, from Cannonau to Vermentino

Marco Colognese
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The latest from Canu Winery, featuring the new Cannonau Caìo and Vermentino 26.57. We take a closer look at this selection of new wines, a result of collaboration with enologist Emiliano Falsini.

The Winery 

Sardinia, the hills of Gallura—a wild beauty at an elevation of 300 meters, surrounded by towering granites and the ancient olive groves of Luras, home to S’Ozzastru, the oldest tree in Europe, estimated to be 4,000 years old with a circumference of 12 meters.

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It's a setting of great charm, located next to the 230-hectare Canu estate in the municipality of Luogosanto, particularly in the Balaiana area. Ten of these hectares are vineyards, where winemaking has been practiced for over 30 years. However, the first wine labels emerged from the 2019 harvest. Before then, as Carla Cualbu, the company's administrator, explained, the grapes were used for the agriturismo's own consumption, along with their homegrown meat and cheese products. 

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Carla's partner, Antonello Nolis, oversees the farming operations, following organic agriculture principles, even though they haven't pursued official certification. The vineyards are mostly located on high ground, between the olive forests and Lake Liscia, resulting in significant diurnal range between day and night that greatly contribute to the wines' elegance, finesse, and fragrance.

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Yields are deliberately kept low, and all work, from harvesting to grape selection, is done by hand. In 2023, the renowned Tuscan winemaker Emiliano Falsini joined the winery, bringing his vast experience from across Italy and his deep respect for the territory where he works. As he writes on his website: "Working in many territories has always been my desire, a journey in which I can increase my professional knowledge every day and interact with some of Italy's most renowned wine regions; an immense cultural heritage that stimulates my passion for wine and makes this work unique and beautiful."

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He also adds: "I feel free to interpret wine by humbly listening to what nature wants to communicate through its strength and energy; for this reason, I am firmly convinced that the work to create a great wine begins in the vineyard."

The New Wines

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With him, they have embarked on a path that will soon bring two new releases to the market, which we had the chance to preview, and which will join the existing labels. Carla Cualbu introduces them like this: "I don't like to call it a selection line; these products involve a different level of research compared to the earlier ones." She goes on to explain how Caìo, Cannonau Riserva DOC, is a nod to what could be considered the company's pillars: Daniele and Giovanna, Antonello’s parents, and especially Giovanna's family—a vibrant and energetic woman.  

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It ages first in oak barrels for 24 months, then rests further in the bottle. It's a wine with refined aromas, where ripe forest fruits blend with hints of spices and subtle balsamic notes that evolve into scents of Mediterranean scrub and rosemary, featuring notes of vanilla and sweet tobacco. In the mouth, it's warm and enveloping, with a significant structure, smooth tannins, and a remarkably harmonious finish. The label, made from velvet, reflects its alluring softness, designed to evoke the unique appeal of a Cannonau from an area like Gallura, where this grape variety is not often showcased to its best advantage.

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The Canu brand is the name under which the property itself has been registered in land records since the late 1800s. Speaking of locations, 26.57, Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG, has a name that honors the most precious part of the vineyard, indicating the exact area from which the grapes originate.

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Carla continues: "With Emiliano Falsini, we wanted to select the best grapes from the highest part of the vineyard, at 400 meters above sea level, completely hidden in the forest and with a steep slope, surrounded by olive trees, mastic, and wild lavender, seeking the ultimate expression of the grape's terroir." Its label is also made of velvet, with intricate details that represent the rich Sardinian craftsmanship passed down through generations. After stainless steel processing, the wine rests in the bottle for another six months. The result? Remarkable elegance on the nose and a sip of great freshness.

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Cantina Canu

Loc. Balaiana Stazzo Canu, 07020 Luogosanto (SS) 

P. 351 1633419 (for calls and WhatsApp)

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