W Rome, 'Drinking Well' in the Hotel: W Lounge Welcomes a Young Mixology Rising Star.

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The informal luxury of the W brand, which debuted in Italy a year and a half ago with the opening of the Rome hotel, extends to mixology. W Lounge welcomes a new bar manager reshaping the drink strategy.

Starting from the classics to chart a new contemporary path. This is the spirit with which Mattia Capezzuoli, the new bar manager of W Lounge, has renewed the cocktail list of the Roman drinking haven. The award-winning mixologist has come to occupy a prestigious role within the hotel, part of Marriott International, after starting his adventure behind the bar almost by chance. He combined his economics studies with work at Babylon Café in Trastevere as a bar back.

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Mattia Capezzuoli's Professional Journey

After distinguishing himself as a restaurant and bar manager, Capezzuoli moved to Milan, a pinnacle of contemporary mixology. Following an experience at 1930, a celebrated speakeasy consistently present in The World’s 50 Best Bars list, he became the cornerstone of the bar area at The Botanical Club, later moving to Camparino in Galleria. Thanks to his work, it managed to secure a position within the ranking of the world's 50 best bars. In 2020, he received the title of Best Bartender under 30 at Barawards, embarking on travels to the most renowned venues worldwide, spreading the word of Italian hospitality.

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A new transfer brought him back to his Rome, with a brief stint at Nite Kong, a new establishment by the genius bartender and Italo-Irish entrepreneur Patrick Pistolesi. Before receiving the "call" from W, since September 2023, he has been chosen to lead the bar area, bringing his international approach and impressive know-how to the group at his young age.

mattia capezzuoli Working Hard

The new atmosphere at W Lounge

W Lounge is a cozy space, with sofas and armchairs in eclectic style, lush plants, and large mirrors that amplify the space. Open to external hotel guests, the cocktail bar welcomes a young audience from the aperitif hour onwards, not willing to forgo a quality drink, seeking an environment to let loose. The live DJ sets, which, with the good weather, also involve tables set up outdoors in the inner courtyard, create a bold atmosphere that is complete when the drinks arrive at the table.

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The choice is among five classic blends, among the most requested at international bars today. It starts with the Paloma, a Mexican drink based on tequila, lime, agave syrup, and pink grapefruit soda, moving on to the Cuban Daiquiri and the Constantine, made with gin, red vermouth, maraschino, and absinthe. For enthusiasts of the Italian aperitivo, the Negroni is a must, while whiskey lovers can opt for the classic Old Fashioned, prepared with bourbon, sugar cube, Angostura, and Peychaud’s Bitter.

mattia capezzuoli Paloma
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The Martini of W Lounge

Since the "martinisti" are increasing, Capezzuoli has decided to dedicate a special section of the drink list to the cocktail beloved by 007, with five different variations. The Dry Martini based on gin or vodka is followed by the Espresso Martini, created by Dick Bradsell in London and currently trending in the world's best cocktail bars. To make it, it is necessary to combine juniper or vodka-based distillate with coffee liqueur and a good dose of espresso. The cocktail menu then continues with the Tuxedo and the Dirty Martini, ending with the Lychee-s Martini, a slightly sweeter variant that incorporates lychee liqueur, vanilla syrup, and lime juice.

The signature cocktail list

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The creative flair of Capezzuoli and the mixologist team at W Lounge is expressed in the seven unique blends present in the menu (including two non-alcoholic ones), representing twists on classics. These are cocktails whose recipes start from a major mixology classic, with ingredients replaced or added for a unique sip.

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Waste of time

Waste of Time represents a more savory version of the Old Fashioned, thanks to the presence of single malt whisky, port, salted syrup, and rye whiskey replacing the classic bourbon. The Negroni becomes Working Hard, replacing gin with mezcal and chili liqueur, adding hints of agave. Wake Up Call is Capezzuoli's version of an Espresso Martini, blending vanilla ice cream and Italian bitter with vodka and espresso.

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Working Hard

Those who don't forgo a Margarita must try Wage Education, made with reposado tequila, lime juice, agave, and green chili liqueur. Finally, Waffle Cake evokes the taste of an Alexander and starts from a rum-based alcoholic base, to which a spicy note is added with a syrup, complemented by chocolate hints from a bitter and crème de cacao. A journey dedicated to the roots of mixology, interpreted with the contemporary vision of a young bar manager who promises to put W Lounge on the lips of all of Rome.

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