"Buchette del Vino": Wine Windows in Florence for On-the-Go Sips. Here's Where.

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Florence, beyond art and good food, hides a unique wonder: wine windows. Here are the neighborhoods and establishments where you can still find them.

Buchette del vino: a history of Florence's curious windows

Ah, Florence. The city that makes us sigh with its art and delicious food. But did you know that this picturesque Tuscan destination also hides a unique wonder? We're talking about the "buchette del vino," or wine windows, an unparalleled enological phenomenon. These are small windows with inscriptions found on the walls of some local noble palaces. They have been used for hundreds of years to sell wine in bottles without the need for a shop, thus avoiding taxes. They also served as a useful tool to prevent contagion during the 1630-1633 epidemic. And more recently, during the days of COVID-19 restrictions, they seem to have made a comeback for the same purpose, as restaurants, bars, and gelaterias started using them to sell their products, just like they did 400 years ago. So, where can you find them? Keep reading to find out!

babae firenze
Babae Firenze

Neighbourhood with wine windows

Wine windows are scattered throughout Florence, but most of them can be found in the Santo Spirito district and the city center. Santo Spirito has always been an area of nobles and artisans, and since wine windows are typically found in the walls of urban palaces, it's still full of them. We recommend taking a pleasant stroll in this beautiful part of Florence, enjoying the impressive architecture, and hunting for wines to take away. In the city center, you'll find the "showcases" of the most influential families in Florence, some of which still have a good reputation in Tuscan wine production. Just mention the Antinori, Frescobaldi, Rucellai, and Verrazzano. Since these palaces are the pillars of Florence's city center, finding their traditional windows won't be difficult.

Restaurants with open wine windows 


babae firenze2

This restaurant specializes in breakfast and aperitivos. Babae is perfect for experiencing the traditional practice of ordering your glass of wine through the window during aperitivo hour. It was the first establishment to reopen its window in 2019.

Belle Donne

osteria belle donne

This osteria is known for its elegant and refined style and for serving delicious typical Tuscan dishes. At Belle Donne, you can grab a glass of wine from the window and pair it with dishes on the terrace.

S-Malto Firenze

s malto

This pub is ideal for enjoying a good beer with friends. S-Malto Firenze offers the ultimate pub food like burgers, pizzas, and other shareable dishes. They use their window to sell beers and food.

Il Latini

il latini

This historic restaurant is one of the oldest in Florence and is the perfect place to try the famous Florentine steak, one of the region's most famous dishes. Il Latini has an active window right next to the entrance where you can quickly grab a glass of wine.

Cantina dei Pucci

cantina de pucci

Located in the Palazzo Pucci, one of Florence's oldest palaces, Cantina dei Pucci is where history and good gastronomy meet. So it's only fitting that they have an active wine window. They offer a curated list of wines by the glass through their “buchetta”.


vivoli firenze

This traditional Florentine gelateria is considered one of the best in the city. Like many other establishments, Vivoli reopened its windows in 2020 as a means of social distancing during the pandemic, but this time with ice cream.

DiVin Boccone

di vin boccone

Located in the traditional Santo Spirito district, DiVin Boccone is a gastronomic boutique that sells Tuscan food products and wine from its own cellar. Its window was the latest discovery of the Buchette del Vino Association. Since it has a unique shape and is different from the others, it was challenging to identify.

Fishmood Modalità Pesce


This restaurant was opened by a Puglian family that decided to settle in Florence and increase the offering of fresh fish in the city center. It is even said that the building's window was where Leonardo Da Vinci bought his wines!

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