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Matthias Diether, Estonia's First Two-Star Chef: "You Can't Be a Chef at 20"

Elisa Erriu
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Matthias Diether is a mentor to his team, guiding them through their professional growth and development. Success is welcome, but only after a necessary learning process: rushing ahead, in his view, is always counterproductive.

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In the world of gastronomy, every dish tells a story, and every chef is a storyteller. Among the most captivating stories is that of Matthias Diether, the man behind the 180° restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia. In a land steeped in ancient legends, 180° has written a new chapter by becoming the first two-Michelin-star restaurant not only in Estonia, but in the entire Baltic region.

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Matthias, born and raised in Berlin, nurtured his passion for cooking from a young age, working at his family's restaurant. After honing his skills with some of Germany's top chefs, he decided to follow his heart and move to Estonia, where he opened the "First Floor" restaurant in Berlin. His love for Estonia eventually led him to settle permanently in the Baltic country, where he founded 180°. Located in the revitalized port district of Noblessner in Tallinn, 180° stands out for its modern and chic architecture, seamlessly blending with the historical vibe of the area. The open kitchen allows diners to experience a unique culinary journey, while the lounge bar offers the perfect start to a gourmet evening.

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The tasting menu offers a variety of dishes that blend innovative flavors with classic French roots. Top-quality ingredients and cutting-edge preparation techniques come together to create dishes like Atlantic mackerel with nettles and quince, or Atlantic sea bass with beans and chorizo. The impeccable service is the result of a dedicated and passionate team, working together to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience. From the warm welcome to the detailed description of each dish, every moment at 180° is a culinary journey to remember.

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But the success of 180° goes beyond Michelin stars and international awards. Matthias Diether is a mentor to his team, guiding them through their professional growth and development. His vision is to create not just a world-class restaurant, but also a "community" of talented and passionate chefs. To young chefs embarking on their culinary journey in Estonia, and beyond, Matthias offers valuable tips: learn by doing, take the time to develop your skills, and find your own unique style. Because, like a fine wine, maturity requires time and dedication. "Young chefs need to learn through hands-on experience," Matthias told the Michelin Guide.

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"They need to take the time to master ingredients, techniques, leadership skills, earn the respect of others, and learn to handle stressful situations; they also need time to develop their unique style and signature dishes. You can't lead a team at 22 right out of school, and no one should rush to become a head chef at such a young age. A great chef is like a fine wine, needing time to develop their natural qualities. You need to learn from the best in the world and grow step-by-step. I can say that, at my age, I've matured at 180°," he concludes humbly. 180° is not just a restaurant; it is a symbol of culinary excellence and a passion for the art of fine dining. And with Matthias Diether at the helm, the future promises to be even more flavorful.

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