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Germany, Retains Michelin Star and then Closes. Top Chef: "Let Me Explain Why"

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina ben benasr

Roller coasters, but also a bit of French influence for Chef Ben Benasr of Ritzi Restaurant in Stuttgart, who immediately after the confirmation of the coveted Michelin star, announced the closure of the gourmet section and declared bankruptcy.


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How much is a Michelin star worth? Or rather: how much does it cost? The disputed question regularly returns to relevance, especially when the news adds its twist. Specifically, it concerns the Ritzi restaurant in Stuttgart, a French-style establishment which has just had its Michelin star reconfirmed, as reported by Rolling Pin. Surprisingly, despite this prestigious recognition, it has announced its impending closure, with a date yet to be defined.

ben benasr factum Granville
@Factum- Granville
ritzi stocarda

Speaking on behalf of the restaurant were the social media: "Dear friends and guests, unfortunately, today we have some sad news for you. Our Ritzi has to declare bankruptcy. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and support. At Ritzi, you have given us many wonderful hours. We are also very, very grateful to our wonderful team. You are the best. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the date of closure. Until then, the brasserie will be open during regular hours. However, the gourmet section is closed. We will keep you informed. Surely, you will have many questions. Feel free to ask them at any time. We will be happy to answer."

ben benasr piatto2

Opened in January 2020, on the eve of the pandemic outbreak, with a mixed concept of bar, brasserie, and fine dining with only 6 tables, in a designer setting, Ritzi has never had an easy life. Other misfortunes have befallen it, such as soaring rents and costs, flood damage, investor flight, and last but not least, a shortage of qualified manpower. The already grim picture was further clouded by the chef's health issues.

ben benasr LICHTGUT Leif Piechowski
@LICHTGUT Leif Piechowski

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