Moreno Cedroni never ceases to amaze: for the 40th anniversary of Madonnina, a new unparalleled menu

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Forty years of activity with a top-level team, from Luca Abbadir to Mariella Organi, and dishes that leave a mark: Moreno Cedroni inaugurates the new creative season of Madonnina del Pescatore. How will he surprise us this time?

Madonnina del Pescatore's reopening: Moreno Cedroni tells the news

The number 4 has been a faithful companion along my journey. It symbolizes stability and roots and the number of constructing concepts that have shaped my career in the culinary field.

Roots: I was born in 1964 and started my culinary journey in 1984, with the opening of La Madonnina del Pescatore, a turning point in my career.

Stability: In 1994, I celebrated my marriage to Mariella, my life and cooking partner.

Future: 2004 saw the publication of the symbol book of my career, "Multipli di venti" (Multiples of Twenty). Almost jokingly, I also included 2024 as an indication of the future, but what was the future is now the present.

On the cover of the book appears the @ symbol with the most relevant dates of my professional life, already indicating 2024 as the future.

moreno cedroni e mariella
@Lorenzo Cicconi Massi
Luca Abbadir Lido Vannucchi
Lido Vannucchi

Twenty more years. What once was the future is now the present, with 40 years of maximum creativity and my restaurant celebrating its 40th anniversary, demonstrating the solidity of its foundations, as well as mine, as I celebrate my sixtieth birthday. Every year we reserve three weeks for creativity with the creative group: Kim, Francesco, Alessandro, Mariangela, and Daniele, led by me and Luca Abbadir, where an exciting journey of flavors has come to life in my opinion.

This rich and generous creativity has guided us in creating the menus of Madonnina del Pescatore: "Luca and Moreno... the Journey of Marco Polo" and "Childhood Memories & Mariella" and Clandestino Susci Bar: "Susci Rosa".

Luca and Moreno... the Journey of Marco Polo

Marco Polo Menu

Marco Polo traveled along the Silk Road, exploring unknown lands and diverse cultures that profoundly transformed him, opening his mind to new culinary and cultural traditions and turning the journey into an unparalleled experience of personal growth and knowledge.

Just as it happened to Marco Polo, my long journeys to discover unique cultures and flavors and my curiosity have inspired an extraordinary culinary experience that from Venice extends to China, passing through Trebizond, Baghdad, Aleppo, Tehran, Balck, Samarkand, Kashgar, Beijing, Xanadu, and Pagan.

From Venetian moeche to delicious Beijing pigeon, the culinary journey ends with a triumph of fresh and original desserts created by Luca, culminating with another journey within the journey with an exciting memory of the first astronaut's footprint on the moon. The small pastry, as always, reflects on a glass that depicts Marco Polo's journey from Beijing to Venice, adding another layer of meaning to the table.

Childhood Memories & Mariella

Moreno Cedroni Costoletta di Rombo 1999 Ricordi D Infanzia E Mariella
Michele Tabozzi

They narrate my experiences in 40 years of opening Madonnina del Pescatore, my reflections, the mistakes made, the successes achieved, the journeys undertaken, and the dreams nurtured, not least the Marine Garden, with the iconic creations that have marked this long journey, the dishes will be presented with detailed descriptions and anecdotes related to each dish. With so many dishes to tell, new dishes will be proposed every month to best celebrate these 40 years of culinary creativity.

This year, two unique menus merge into "Childhood Memories & Mariella" for an unparalleled culinary experience. The menus will then have a final surprise that we will not reveal to you! Also, this year the incipit of the Madonnina del Pescatore menu changes, the text that every guest finds when browsing the menu:

"Creativity is not copying" the phrase by Jacques Maximin that friend Ferran Adrià always remembers. This quote emphasizes how important it is to be original in the kitchen, urging us to experiment with ingredients, ideas, and innovative techniques. Creative thinking helps us tackle challenges and find new ways to express our projects, as we have been doing every year at Madonnina del Pescatore for 40 years. Creativity is nourishment for the mind, it requires dedication, study, and is essential to always look ahead.

Welcome at Madonnina

Mariella Organi Lido Vannucchi
Lido Vannucchi

The dining room is led with grace and elegance by Mariella Organi. Mariella has trained a service brigade that focuses on discretion and the lightness of presence, punctual in storytelling and extremely attentive to dynamics, warm and engaging.

Menu Info

Both menus offer the same variety of dishes and are offered at a price of 230 euros. For the wine tasting experience, you can choose between two paths: one with 6 glasses at 100 euros and one with 5 glasses at 80 euros.

During lunch, from February to May, on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday (non-holidays), a lunch menu is available at 100 euros (drinks excluded) which includes two historic dishes, an aperitif, and dessert. In the à la carte selection, you can choose from the 11 dishes of the two menus, opting for two dishes at 140 euros, or three dishes at 160 euros (excluding dessert and drinks).

moreno cedroni Carota marina

The aging of fish, of which we are particularly proud, can be added separately at a cost of 40 euros. The Tunnel project, led by Luca Abbadir, Executive Chef of Madonnina del Pescatore, sees the collaboration of a team dedicated to experimentation and the development of new culinary ideas. Together, we work with research institutes to enhance raw materials, create new textures and flavors, and respect the environment. Our goal is to achieve culinary excellence, combining technology, creativity, and culinary knowledge.

Madonnina del Pescatore

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