Tom Kerridge: "Do Not Criticize Those With High Prices, But Instead Those With Low Prices: Quality Comes at a Cost."

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Tom Kerridge continues the battle to defend the prices of quality cuisine: according to the chef, the real problem lies in cheap foods and menus, capable of concealing poor ingredients and little attention to the staff.

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After the "Fish & Chips Gate" that stirred up the web last year for the infamous £35 of the iconic British dish, renowned British chef Tom Kerridge is back to speak and, above all, justify the prices of his menus.

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"Our food system is in a really bad situation; people constantly wonder, 'Why is this dish so expensive?' What we should be asking instead is, 'Why is food so cheap?' If people knew the processes to raise and then sell a cheap chicken, they would be horrified. It's not just about animal welfare, it’s everything that is mass-produced, but above all, about quality - and quality costs. We need to be brave and proud of our products," Kerridge declared to the Financial Times.

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Talented, determined, and often stubborn, the chef of the Hand & Flowers, the only pub to receive two Michelin stars, and six other restaurants in the UK, continues his campaign to raise awareness and help the public understand the reasons behind the high costs of certain dishes. For several years now, Kerridge, with his more or less striking statements, aims to make even non-experts in the field understand that certain prices hide a deeper discussion that goes beyond the quality of raw ingredients or their processing but concerns the concept of sustainability.

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Sustainability, for the chef, passes above all through the fair and just compensation of the staff. "High-quality ingredients and the service of a highly qualified staff deserve to be adequately paid. It is crucial for me to create an environment where people feel comfortable and confident in growing. What matters is not always just money but the opportunity to progress personally and professionally."

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Kerridge has consistently shown great care and diligence towards his employees, guaranteeing above-average salaries to his team for a long time, as well as a welfare system and profit sharing. "When profits come in, the staff receives a percentage. If we do well, it means they are doing well. The company is like a family," he stated some time ago on the Racconteur website.

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Photo from Chef's restaurant website

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