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Pizza: Revealing the Most Affordable Cities to Eat It in Italy. The New Ranking

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Discover the cost of a pizza in every city in Italy and which ones have the most highly-rated pizzerias.

The study 

Pizza has become one of the most beloved foods globally, but it remains an icon of Italian cuisine. Which cities in the country offer the best value for a round pizza? To find out, CasinoItaliani conducted research to pinpoint exactly how much a takeout pizza will cost you in every city in Italy using Just Eat data. Additionally, the research also analyzes the cost of a cappuccino in each city and the average rating of its restaurants. The results? Here they are. 

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  • Cagliari offers the pizza with the best value for money in Italy, with high ratings and an average cost of €3.68.
  • Florence is the city with the most expensive pizza in Italy, where you'll spend an average of €6.70.
  • Milan is the most expensive Italian city to buy a cappuccino, while Livorno is the most economical.
  • Monza has the most highly-rated local restaurants in Italy, offering over 33 restaurants per 10,000 people with a high average rating.

Analyzing the average rating of a Margherita pizza in each city, as well as the average price, the research has revealed which Italian cities offer the best value for money pizza.

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Cagliari takes the top spot, boasting the pizza with the best value for money on the list. A single pizza costs an average of only 3.68 euros in the Sardinian capital, nearly half the price of some of the more expensive cities on the list. Furthermore, Cagliari's pizzerias have an appreciable average rating of 4.46 out of 5, so clearly, a lower price does not mean lower quality. In second place is Reggio Emilia. Here, the pizza averages 4.40 euros, slightly more expensive but also with a higher average rating of 4.56. In third place, we find Salerno, with an average expenditure of 4.60 euros and a rating of 4.52, followed by Trieste, Taranto, and Foggia.

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In addition to discovering which Italian cities offer the best value for money pizza, the research also reveals the 10 most expensive cities to buy pizza in Italy. Florence is the home of the most expensive pizza of all, with average prices of 6.70 euros. The city is very popular among tourists, ranking as one of the most visited cities in Italy, which may contribute to its higher prices. In second place is Acilia, in the district of Ostia Antica, with an average price of 6.60 euros for a single pizza. Following are Prato (6.52 euros), Mestre (6.50 euros), and Genoa (6.20 euros).

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