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The 17th Century Residence Now Among Franciacorta's Top Gourmet Destinations

Chiara Di Paola
copertina villa calini

An historic residence, set in a timeless landscape that provides a backdrop for a constant dialogue between architecture, art, and nature, finding its ultimate expression in the "farm-to-table" restaurant run by Chef Alessandro Cappotto.

A multifunctional location with a unique charm

Exuding a subtle and elegant charm, romantic and refined, Villa Calini is a residence built between the 17th and 18th centuries, set in a rural and rustic landscape gently tamed by humans. Its structure, a testament to a rich agricultural past, retains a unique old-world charm and boasts modern spaces, both inside and outside, that make it an enchanting setting, ideal for various types of events, from a barbecue with friends to a business lunch, civil weddings, and other occasions that deserve a fairy-tale setting.

villa calini esterni
villa calini limonaia 1

Depending on the number of guests, the season, and the type of event to celebrate, you can choose from 8 distinct rooms, all united by a serene and welcoming atmosphere and extreme attention to detail. Starting from the central courtyard of the villa, you'll encounter the Sala del Conte (Count's Room), an elegant space suitable for formal events. Moving into the lateral areas, you can choose from the Sala Granaio (Granary Room), bright and adorned with warm colors; the Sala da Ballo (Dance Hall), a rustic space that preserves some characteristic features of the old barn, such as the stone wall and exposed beams; the Sala Biblioteca e Sala Galleria della Musica (Library Room and the Music Gallery Room), characterized by a suggestive atmosphere and high-tech setup perfect for corporate events and buffet-style gatherings that allow guests freedom of movement.

Sala interna villa calini
credits Pietro Paletti
villa calini limonaia 2
caminetto villa calini

Finally, there's the Dependence, an intimate space, recently furnished and suitable for celebrating birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or hosting romantic dinners. Moving outside, you'll find the Sala Portico Limonaia (Lemon Porch Room), spacious and furnished to resemble an extension of the garden, offering views through large windows and the opportunity to enjoy the greenery and nature even while indoors. The Veranda Giardino (Garden Patio) is seamlessly connected to the main garden, ideal for receptions, banquets, and festive moments during the beautiful season, as is the park with its centuries-old plants surrounding the building.

serata aziendale villa calini

Additionally, thanks to the presence of the San Gerolamo Chapel (consecrated and capable of accommodating up to 50 people) and Villa Calini's designation as the Franciacorta’s Town Hall, you can celebrate civil ceremonies with legal value at this location, many of which are held in the "Kitchen Garden": a true and evocative oasis where the fertility of nature and the skilled touch of humans come together, enhancing each other through a romantic grassy corridor covered by a vine pergola and surrounded by flower beds cultivated to supply fresh seasonal plant products to the adjacent restaurant's kitchen.

villa calini matrimonio

A restaurant where cuisine engages with the land 

Elegant and meticulously arranged settings, in harmony with the surroundings, and a menu consistent with an attachment to the land: the heart of Villa Calini is the eponymous restaurant, which, through its direct connection to the garden, immediately returns to the guest the sense of a new culinary philosophy. This philosophy is a product of a continuous "quest for the genuine" and is based on the concept of the "a true farm-to-table," a current and provocative slogan that, in reality, signifies a connection with the local area in a broader sense (not just "farm-to-table"), a respect for raw ingredients, and the desire to showcase them at their best through the creation of high-quality wine and food pairings. The offering of Ristorante Villa Calini satisfies these requirements and is balanced and comprehensive. It presents a "different," clean, and essential Mediterranean cuisine that delves into the simplicity of moods, spontaneous inspirations, and emotions drawn from a sudden spark, such as a color, a scent, a new flower blossoming in the garden.

villa calini
alessandro cappotto piatto

The menu at Ristorante Villa Calini leans towards vegetarian or macrobiotic inclinations, tied to seasonality and guided by the intention to manipulate food as little as possible to preserve its nutritional richness.

alesssandro cappotto risotto

However, it also includes meat and fish dishes that span various cuts and varieties, sometimes deeply rooted in local traditions such as the guinea fowl breast tartare wrapped in crispy bacon on a potato gratin and the reinterpretation of beef in oil represented by the almond crumble, rabbit fondant, quail egg, and crispy asparagus, but also the fresh Casoncelli pasta stuffed with Brescian-style goat, bread crumble, and aromatic herbs, and the cubes of alpine char and semi-wholemeal polenta, caper crumble, and Taggiasca olives. At other times, it reflects exotic influences such as the Australian Angus Tomahawk served with vegetable caponata, sweet potatoes, and béarnaise sauce, or the ostrich tartare with mustard seeds, walnut and blueberry salad, the heart of ràfols roasted cod on purple potato cream and garden sprouts or the foie gras scallop and roasted scallop nuts with asparagus and toasted hazelnuts.

antonio cappotto Battuta al coltello di struzzo senape in grani insalatina di noci e mirtilli
credits Pietro Paletti

In all these dishes, the strong presence of the vegetal element is highlighted, starting from zucchini flowers, which feature alongside fava beans, pancetta, and pecorino in the Half Paccheri pasta (which is explicitly labeled as "Mancini" pasta, named after the Marche-based company that supplies it), to the more spontaneous, such as loertis, a kind of wild climbing asparagus reduced to foam and used to cream the Risotto with cheese foam and Sommacco powder.

antonio cappotto Mezzi paccheri Mancini mantecati con fiori di zucca fave pancetta e pecorino
credits Pietro Paletti
antonio cappotto Risottino mantecato con crema di loertis spuma di formaggella e polvere di Sommaco
credits Pietro Paletti

The focus is always on the choice of high-quality, sustainable, and environmentally-respectful raw materials, from "zero-mile" ingredients (such as aromatic herbs and fruits harvested directly from Villa Calini's garden, enriching each dish with earthy flavors) to fresh, natural, and locally-sourced produce from nearby small producers who respect the region. To complement this dedication to ingredient selection is a passion for pairings and the skillful application of modern cooking techniques (from vacuum sealing to chilling, smoking on the spot, and prolonged low-temperature cooking). These techniques help maintain the flavour characteristics and bring out the genuine aromas, in line with the concept of "reconsideration of the essential," a quest for what truly adds value to preparations. 

antonio cappotto Guscio di meringa con primi frutti e gelato allo zenzero
credits Pietro Paletti

The result is high-level cuisine, featuring creative, high-quality, and refined dishes in their simplicity, rich in taste, vibrant colors (representing the seasons), and intense aromas, serving as an expression of a way of life that encompasses authenticity in all aspects of daily life. In addition to the à la carte menu, you can choose from a variety of proposals tailored to different occasions: from monthly-themed menus to those designed for business lunches and elaborated tastings for special evenings dedicated to specific products that follow one course to the next.

villa calini dessert

A "Naturalistic Philosopher" Chef 

Leading the vision of the kitchen and the all-encompassing culinary mission at Villa Calini is Chef Alessandro Cappotto, born in Rome and adopted by Brescia, a freelance food journalist, and a teacher in leading culinary schools and institutes (including CAST Alimenti) since 1992. He has been involved in the management of prominent dining establishments in the city (including Castello Malvezzi, of which he was a co-owner for over three decades and was responsible for the gastronomic offering that elevated the restaurant to the ranks of the best in the area).

alessandro cappotto chef

After various international experiences (in London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Hong Kong), awards (Gold Medal in the national competition for the best restaurant pastry in 1997 and Silver Medal in the regional competition for buffet dishes in 1998), and numerous recognitions for his unique expertise in ingredient selection and the extraordinary ability to create valuable wine and food pairings, Alessandro Cappotto has been living and managing the gourmet restaurant of this establishment since 2009, alongside his wife, Rossella Barbato (also the Event Planner at Villa Calini). Here, he is a chef, "philosopher," and "farmer," the creator of a strongly identity-driven cuisine, free from a specific label but influenced by family ties to the traditions of the Neapolitan coast, over 40 years of personal study and passion, and an expression of his life and culinary philosophy, far removed from the influence of trends and the demands of the superficial society.

alessandro cappotto chef2

His menu, "from the garden to the table," does not strive to be "experimental" in the unconventional sense of the term, but is instead based on creative originality inspired by what the land provides in different seasons. It is also characterized by the artisanal execution, respectful of the ingredients and designed to enhance them, with an additional focus on aesthetics that makes each dish an excuse for celebrating beauty, especially through the use of color. Chef Cappotto's stylistic signature is the skilled use of spices, sprouts, aromatic herbs, and flowers, introduced both in the mise en place and in the recipes. These additions not only enhance the taste of other ingredients but also help humans reconnect with the rhythms and gifts of nature.

alessandro cappotto chef ritratto

Hence the attention to the medicinal properties (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive, metabolic) attributed to some ingredients, the choice to reduce the use of fats and salt, and the preference for delicate cooking techniques that preserve the nutritional value and organoleptic characteristics of the food. Ultimately, the restaurant's offering. It is carried out in an environment where the personal and professional aspects blend in a new synergy, characterized by hospitality, dialogue, familiarity, and shared daily development, including interactions with external and foreign entities.

scuderia villa calini

The wine list 

To complement his culinary offerings, Chef Cappotto (who is also a professional sommelier and an expert in the world of wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has prepared an extensive selection of Italian and French labels, with a strong emphasis on local products and, naturally, a focus on Franciacorta. Much like the gastronomic offering is in harmony with the seasons, the wine list follows the rhythms of human life. Often, pairings are not only considered based on the dish to accompany but also on the age of the customer: young guests are encouraged to enjoy warm and enveloping wines or, conversely, tantalizing and irreverent ones, while more mature patrons are advised to opt for elegant, reassuring, and satisfying options. For those who love to experiment, there are special "tastings" designed to introduce the products of the local area and the possible pairings between local ingredients and foreign grape varieties, as well as the best combinations between native wines and dishes featuring significant exotic ingredients (including spices).

alessandro cappotto chef piatto 2

Upcoming future 

A masterpiece of structural restoration following a history of abandonment, Villa Calini is already perfect for an immersive experience in the natural and human dimensions of those who have chosen to live in direct contact with the land and the historical past of a region. This is a place to visit not only for good food but also to recharge in a relaxing atmosphere, witness art exhibitions, vintage car shows, and various other cultural and artistic events, have fun with cooking labs, and take part in "mini cooking classes" for children. However, the Cappotto family’s projects do not stop here. Looking ahead to the near future, there are plans for the construction of a hotel wing and another to house a cooking school. In a nutshell, Villa Calini is a place to visit, leave your heart, and return to take care of it.


Villa Calini

Via Ingussano, 19, 25030 Coccaglio BS

Tel: 030 724 3574


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