The world's best tiramisù made by a self-taught Brazilian woman

Francesca Feresin
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Eggs, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers, coffee, and cocoa - the ingredients for Italy's most beloved dessert. Just a few days ago, the seventh edition of the Tiramisù World Cup took place. The winner? A Brazilian lawyer.

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Who would have thought? Probably no one, yet it's all true: the world's best tiramisù is made by a Brazilian woman from São Paulo. Her name is Patricia Guerra, a 48-year-old lawyer in her career, who emerged victorious in the seventh edition of the Tiramisù World Cup - Treviso and Caffè.

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"Tiramisù is becoming more and more a product of 'Made in Italy' worldwide, and we are proud to have participants from every country with us. We're recording another record edition, with great enthusiasm from the contestants and strong audience participation. I'm really happy that the champion's title has gone to a representative from abroad for the first time," says Francesco Redi, the founder and organizer of the Tiramisù World Cup, which awards two winners each year in the categories of original recipe (eggs, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers, coffee, and cocoa) and creative recipe.

patricia guerra tiramisu vincitore
Il tiramisù di Patricia

For the latter, the gold medal goes to Veneto's Mario De Santis from Quarto d'Altino (Venice), a 41-year-old employee of a fire protection company, for his unique "Dalì" Tiramisù with cinnamon, dark chocolate, and quince jam.

tiramisu di mario de santis
The creative tiramisù from Mario 

But let's delve into some numbers and names. There were 240 contestants from all over the world. Among them, for the original recipe, finalists included Stefano Storti, a public officer from Ferrara, legal employee Elisabetta Zanette from Treviso, and Uruguayan student Cielo Fitipaldi. On the other hand, for the creative recipe, finalists also included Vanessa Orso, an administrative employee from Vicenza with a tiramisù featuring basil, lemon, orange chocolate, and almonds, who also won the La Cucina Italiana award, and Fabio Dall'Acqua, a worker from Conegliano, with a "Strudel" Tiramisù containing cinnamon, pine nuts, and powdered cane sugar.

Ma diamo qualche numero e nome. 240 erano i concorrenti da tutto il mondo. Tra loro ad approdare in finale sono stati per la ricetta originale anche Stefano Storti, funzionario pubblico di Ferrara, l’impiegata legale Elisabetta Zanette di Treviso e la studentessa uruguaiana Cielo Fitipaldi. Dall’altra, per la ricetta creativa sono stati finalisti anche la vicentina impiegata amministrativa Vanessa Orso con un tiramisù con basilico, limone, cioccolato all'arancia e mandorle, oltretutto vincitore del premio de La Cucina Italiana, e l’operaio Fabio Dall’Acqua di Conegliano con un Tiramisù "Strudel" con cannella, pinoli, zucchero di canna a velo.

Photos from contest's offical site

patricia guerra e mario de santis

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