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Iris: Here's What the World's Largest Floating Restaurant Looks Like

Alessandra Meldolesi
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Iris restaurant is not just adventurous and scenic; it's located in the middle of a Norwegian fjord and is housed in a futuristic structure called "Salmon Eye," a floating installation created by the zero-impact salmon producers, Eide Fjordbruk. Here, Chef Anika Madsen focuses on sustainability and the new challenges in the industry.

The restaurant 

You certainly don't stumble upon this one by accident. Iris is a unique restaurant located in the heart of Norway's Hardanger fjord, accessible only by boat. You start your journey from the lakeside town of Rosendal, crossing the ice blocks on the lake with a few stops along the way until you reach an impressively unusual structure that reflects the light, a kind of metallic egg

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This is Salmon Eye - as Elite Traveler describes it - a floating research center on sustainable fish production designed by Kvorning Design. It's a floating installation conceived by the Eide Fjordbruk family, known for their carbon-neutral sustainable salmon production.

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Naturally, the cuisine at Iris, led by Chef Anika Madsen, centers on the same themes, fighting against the major threats to the global food system and seeking innovations to preserve the industry. So, it's not just about enjoying undeniably delicious dishes but also appreciating the people, places, and values underlying them.

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Anika Madsen is no newcomer to the industry; she's been working in it since the age of 17, making a name for herself in Copenhagen's cutting-edge culinary scene, ultimately becoming the chef at Roxie and Fasangården restaurants. At Iris, her focus is on sustainability, not just in sourcing local ingredients and cooking methods, but also in pushing the boundaries to meet the challenges of our times.

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Cover photo: @Tor Hveem, Instagram Salmon Eye

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