Antonino Cannavacciuolo Launches "Gourmet Snacks" for Students: Here's What They're Like

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina antonino cannavacciuolo merenda gourmet

Antonino Cannavacciuolo and the pastry chef from his Kabir Godi lab are launching a new business line for Michelin-starred chefs' kitchens: producing snack and breakfast boxes for school children, focusing on tradition and artisanal quality.

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The "gift" segment has seen explosive growth due to the pandemic, inspiring Italian culinary giants to explore new business avenues. Case in point: Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the latest addition to the three-starred heaven, who has long been selling a wide range of high-quality products on his e-shop sweets, wines, preserves, starred dinner boxes, and, of course, seasonal baked goods.

antoninocannavacciuolo dolce
Merenda antonino cannavacciuolo Plum cake all arancia
Orange plumcake

Now, a new section has been added: "back to school." With the return of school activities in mind, the chef and pastry chef Kabir Godi have developed two special boxes designed for the most crucial moments in every student's daily routine. They are called "Before Entering Class" and "Break," each with a surprise inside. The first twenty customers to order the boxes will receive a limited edition cotton bag personalized with an illustration of Chef Cannavacciuolo, his autograph, and an encouraging message to all students: "Remember, we learn by making mistakes!"

Merenda antonino cannavacciuolo Diamantini
Cannavacciuolo Laboratorio Torte in vaso Caprese Classica
The Caprese in a jar

"Before Entering Class" covers the breakfast segment: it contains an orange plumcake, chocolate chip Cookies reminiscent of Antonino's childhood, hazelnut and cocoa spread, and the classic Caprese cake in a jar, particularly suitable for a quick snack, where jar cooking techniques fully preserve the flavors of the traditional recipe.

antonino cannavacciuolo 2023 09 13 12 48 30
Merenda antonino cannavacciuolo Ricreazione

The "Break" box, on the other hand, is designed for mid-morning snacks and includes chocolate plumcake, pistachio spread, and diamond-shaped biscuits to share with classmates. The prices are 58 and 48 euros, respectively. The focus is on artisanal quality and tradition, inspiring all preparations with their universal flavors. While children in fine dining restaurants were once seen as a disruptive element at best, now the goal is to educate them from a young age about the highest expressions of taste, shielding them early on from the harms of junk food and the allure of packaged snacks with their nutritional imbalances and a load of preservatives and additives.


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