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Ventrus: The Birth of the First "Nomadic Restaurant" that Constantly Changes Its Location

Serena Curto
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Paris introduces an extraordinary concept—a nomadic restaurant on the banks of Canal de l'Ourcq. This visionary establishment can be erected and dismantled within a remarkable ten-day window. Adding to its allure, the restaurant's dynamic and ambitious project involves a rotation of chefs, ensuring a constantly evolving dining experience.

The idea

Ventrus is a restaurant that has been located in Parc La Villette, along the banks of the Canal de l'Ourcq, in Paris, for a few months. The uniqueness of the wooden building with its large windows is that it was built within a week, unexpectedly. It is, in fact, France's first nomadic restaurant, and even the chefs who work there are "wandering." Currently, the kitchen is led by Alberto Rebolledo (trained at Paul Bocuse's school and with experience in Parisian restaurants such as Les Fables de la Fontaine and Le Verre volé), but from next year, a young chef whose name is still a secret will take his place.

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What was the idea behind the creation of this venue?

Even before the food, the concept of this restaurant is completely unconventional. Ventrus is the brainchild of Guillaume Chupeau, who, after working in advertising in Paris, London, and Los Angeles, put his creative talent at the service of his culinary desires. He had long had a specific format in mind: a restaurant with a view, capable of offering its customers unusual views that would blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. With the help of architect François Muracciole, he created a nomadic restaurant that could be assembled and disassembled in less than ten days, practically anywhere, as long as it could be connected to a water network

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The structure, entirely made of Morvan wood, was designed to operate in an eco-sustainable manner, with systematic waste recycling and water consumption 80% lower than that of a traditional restaurant. The kitchen, on the other hand, is located in a larger container to provide maximum comfort to the kitchen staff that work there. Ventrus offers a spacious interior space, which can accommodate up to 65 guests, with a view of the open kitchen from almost all tables. But its true strength is, of course, the panoramic terrace overlooking the Canal de l'Ourcq. Peace and tranquility are guaranteed, with greenery all around and boats passing slowly in front of the seated guests.

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Ventrus cusine

At Ventrus, as already mentioned, there will be a succession of chefs who must follow the guidelines set by Guillaume Chupeau and his partner Mohammed el Mouaffak. The goal is to offer customers seasonal, simple yet creative cuisine that maximizes the quality of the products without changing them. The meat comes from a farm in Burgundy, the fish from the Atlantic, and most of the vegetables are sourced from a farmer in the Oise region. The lunch menu is renewed daily, while the dinner menu changes every month. Moreover, there are many ideas in the pipeline, such as a second Ventrus in Lille. This time, however, it will be even easier to dismantle and reassemble: a wooden structure with a canvas tent, ideal for setting up quickly in vineyards or during seasonal festivals.

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