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Camilo de Blas, the Authority on Pastry for 108 Years

Claudia Bartoli
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A historic pastry shop that has been churning out delights for 108 years claims the invention of the legendary Spanish Carbayòn. Camilo de Blas has even convinced the Starred chef Josè Andrés, one of his most regular customers.

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José Andrés is not only a great Michelin-Starred chef, but also a talent scout of historic venues and a great lover of pastry. His favorite "temple of sweets" is in Oviedo, and it has been active for more than 100 years, 108 to be exact. The Spanish chef and activist, protagonist of a cooking-themed docuseries in which, together with his daughters, he travels the paths of regional gastronomic identities, therefore does not hesitate to recommend unmissable destinations to "taste" his beloved Iberian Peninsula. Everything from warm Andalusia to Catalonia, up to the jagged coasts of Asturias, the place of origin of Andrés.

Josè Andrés da Camilo de Blas

“Asturian food is the base of who I am, as a person and as a chef." It is no coincidence that when he returns to his native region, he takes the opportunity to reunite with friends, loved ones and relatives, but also to eat abundantly. Breakfast cannot be missing; a stop in what according to José Andrés is the best pastry shop in the world is essential: Camilo de Blas. Located in Oviedo, it has been open since 1914 and saw 5 generations alternate in the laboratory up to the present day.

The restaurant produces many sweets typical of the area; the best known and loved is the Carbayòn. It is about a particular beignet made with puff pastry, almond flour, cinnamon, and egg yolk created by José de Blas in 1924, when the mayor asked the pastry chef to make a dessert that best represented the city during the First International Fair of Gijón.

The dessert is now popular throughout the Principality and the model recipe of the Camilo de Blas pastry shop is being replicated by many competitors, not with always appreciable results. After all, the original is the original. But what does “carbayón” mean?  Carbayón is a century-old oak tree, and it is precisely in honor of this important and majestic tree that the Asturian delicacy has been renamed. Secular like Camilo de Blas.


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