Alexandre Mazzia: Three MICHELIN- Starred Chef and his Food Truck

Alessandra Meldolesi
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In Italy, Mauro Uliassi had already done it. Today another Three MICHELIN Starred chef, Alexandre Mazzia, gets on the truck in Marseille to democratize his great cuisine.

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Among the leading lights of French gastronomy is Alexandre Mazzia, who achieved Three MICHELIN Stars at the restaurant that bears his initials in Marseille (and elected One to Watch in the 50 Best 2022). On the same street François Rocca, however, there is also his signature on a decidedly more affordable eatery: the food-truck Michel, named after his fisherman grandfather, which has just cashed in from the administration for a year's authorization to administer.

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The experiment had debuted in the covid-19 days, then was replicated last summer. But Mazzia decided to resume it despite winter's rigors. "We managed to get a spot at No. 17, so it's important for me to keep an eye on the truck, to control the influx, to be close to my team," comments the chef, who is thinking of a two-month pop-up for now. In the future, who knows.

Just scrolling through the menu triggers the urge to get in line along with a couple of hundred people each day: there's the Croc-Mazz at 16 euros, the Buna-Mazz at 13, and the Hot-Mazz at 19, all of which are executed by in house trained chefs to ensure that the precision and processing methods of the products coincide with those of the MICHELIN starred restaurant. "Without the savoir-faire and the state of mind, it's never the same. Certainly, the organization is different, with heat inertia, problems with humidifying bread to safeguard the crisp, packaging, storing ingredients at their best.... All of this is important, also because many people come here before they go to the seaside."

He is not the only star who has devoted his attentions to the humble expression of hospitality, so much so that in October Éditions Ducasse published a volume devoted precisely to Parisian Street food edited by journalist François Blanc. He emphasizes how in such simplified compositions, attention to detail and to each individual component emerges. Great chefs would be ennobling the branch through the selection of ingredients and respect for seasonality, also to diversify their business. Of the fifty addresses reviewed, however, only about ten are linked to star chefs, starting with Grégory Marchand, and moving on to Mory Sacko. Mostly kiosks or counters, more rarely trucks, mainly because of parking permit issues.

Source: 20minutesfr

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