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The $3000 Teatime in New York

Claudia Bartoli
copertina te baccarat

How much should teatime cost? At Baccarat Hotel in New York, the classic British ritual, the cost reaches 3000 dollars and must be booked well in advance. This is how they justify the price.

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Is coffee truly the most beloved drink worldwide? It may be, but tea isn’t far off. Nearly 7.443 million kilograms of it is expected to be consumed by 2025, and apparently there are even people willing to line up to taste it. It’s happening in New York, where the Baccarat Hotel is making headlines with their price of $3000 (including service of course).

To enjoy tea in this famous city hotel there is a waiting list. It is necessary to reserve at least 30 days in advance to secure a spot. The Crystal Tea, which is prepared following all the official ritual, is directed by MICHELIN-Starred chef Gabriel Keuther and Baccarat CEO Ali  Dey Dali, serving diners a selection of five different fine teas, plus a whole range of sweet and savory delights to accompany it.

The chocolate mousse, Sacher torte, and a Bakewell cake made with Madagascar vanilla pods are amazing.  Then it’s time for Kobe beef, crusted lobster and waffle with Royal Ossetra Gourgere caviar and black truffle, presented in luxury tableware by Baccarat.​​​​​​​

Included in the $3.000 is not only the tea, but also the real crystal glassware. It is a Baccarat Faunacrystopolis Harcourt by Jamie Hayon, which includes two crystal glasses and porcelain teapot covered in gold and with geometric design. A “little freebie” to justify the money spent!


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Photos: @Baccaran Hotel

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