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One Of The World's Smallest Gelato Shops Opens In Turin: 16 Flavors In 8 M²

Sveva Valeria Castegnaro
copertina gelateria marchetti torino

Master gelato maker Alberto Marchetti's 10th shop opens in Turin: a tiny space of only 8.5 square meters, which could break the record for the world's smallest ice cream shop.


If Battisti's man shouted "gelati" as he walked down the streets with a gelato cart, Alberto Marchetti - a master gelato maker from Turin who’s followed his father’s footsteps - shouts “gelati" from behind a window of a red brick tower. Marchetti has chosen the iconic red-brick small tower at 290 Corso Galileo Ferraris in Turin as the location for his 10th shop (the 6th in the city of the Mole). In the Olympic Stadium and Pala Alpitour area, Alberto Marchetti's new shop is located next to M** BUN Aquatica, the fourth location of the M**Bun brand: the 100% Piedmontese agri-hamburgher shop with which Marchetti has established a partnership for many years.

Marchetti's new outlet, in addition to offering mouth-watering gelato, could be entered in the World Guinness Record as the smallest ice cream shop in the world with its 8.5 square meters of floor space. In the production lab inside the tower, 16 flavors (10 of which are cream-based, 3 sorbets and 3 granita) are produced every day and can be enjoyed by the public 7 days a week from 12 noon to midnight inside M**Bun or in the outdoor terrace, delivered to the customer through a mini-window.

Marchetti's ice cream at 290 Corso Galileo Ferraris is as good, simple and fresh as in the other locations. The master gelato maker, in fact, is now known for careful research of raw materials (which are often Slow Food Presidia) and a certain linearity in the choice of flavors – which are never too extravagant - as well as the result of daily preparation in all the production labs adjacent to the gelato parlors. The must-haves? Fiordilatte, Marsala Zabaglione, Gianduja and White Chocolate with Caramel and Salt.


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