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Flavio Lucarini

Flavio Lucarini is an Italian chef who has become a seminal figure in the Paris gastronomic landscape. With an exceptional background and extensive international experience, Lucarini has quickly distinguished himself, earning prestigious accolades for his restaurant Hémicycle.

La Biografia

Born in Rome, Flavio Lucarini began his culinary journey at a young age, working in renowned restaurants such as Le Gabriel and Bistrot d’à Côté Flaubert in Paris. His expertise was further enhanced through collaborations with masters like Francesco Apreda and Giovanni Passerini, from whom he not only learned refined haute cuisine techniques but also the importance of a deep knowledge of high-quality ingredients. These experiences shaped Lucarini, preparing him for subsequent professional milestones.

In 2023, together with his partner Aurora Storari, he opened Hémicycle in Paris. Within just four months, the restaurant caught the critical eye and earned a Michelin star, followed by the Passion Dessert award in Michelin Guide 2024. These successes have solidified Lucarini’s innovative approach and his ability to create a unique culinary experience that blends Italian tradition with contemporary influences.

Lucarini’s cuisine at Hémicycle departs from classic Italian restaurants, opting instead for a menu that freely explores and combines diverse culinary influences. This eclectic style not only reflects his Italian training but also his openness to international techniques, crafting dishes that are both novel and identifiably rich.

With the success of Hémicycle, Lucarini and Storari are poised to further expand their influence in the gastronomic world. Flavio Lucarini has transformed his passion for cooking into an ever-evolving adventure. His commitment to innovation and quality makes him a leading figure in the international culinary scene.


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