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Fabrizio Mellino

Sant'Agnello - Campania

Fabrizio Mellino

Born in 1991 in Sant’Agnello, Naples province, Fabrizio Mellino has made his mark on the Italian and international gastronomic scene as one of the youngest chefs to receive the coveted three Michelin stars. His cuisine, rooted in family tradition and revitalized by global influences, celebrates biodiversity and sustainability, reflecting a deep respect for the Campania region.


Fabrizio Mellino grew up in a family whose life revolves around the Quattro Passi restaurant in Nerano, a hidden treasure of the Amalfi Coast. From a young age, Fabrizio exhibited a profound love for cooking, a sentiment that led him to explore the world, gaining experiences and knowledge from some of the most celebrated restaurants and chefs globally, including Alain Ducasse, Quique Dacosta, and the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon.

Fabrizio's return to helm the kitchen at Quattro Passi marked a turning point for the family restaurant, which under his guidance received the prestigious three Michelin stars. This achievement not only recognized the culinary excellence of Quattro Passi but also brought the accolade back to Southern Italy after years of absence.

Mellino's culinary philosophy is based on the exaltation of local ingredients, processed with respect and innovation. Dishes such as Linguine alla Nerano and Trasparenze di seppia exemplify his approach, skillfully balancing tradition and creativity to offer a gastronomic experience that is both familiar and surprisingly new.

Beyond leading the kitchen at Quattro Passi, Mellino engages in consulting projects and continues to travel during the winter months in search of inspiration and new ideas, always keeping his roots deeply anchored in his homeland. His commitment to sustainability and the defense of biodiversity is reflected in the choice of zero-kilometer products and collaboration with local suppliers, consolidating his vision of a cuisine that celebrates the Campania region in every dish.


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