Mitsuharu Tsumura

Osaka - Japan

Mitsuharu Tsumura

Mitsuharu Tsumura, known as Micha, is the chef and owner of Maido in Lima, Peru. Recognized as one of the pioneers of Nikkei cuisine, he has captivated the global culinary scene with his unique approach that blends Peruvian traditions with Japanese techniques, propelling his restaurant to the heights of global rankings.


Mitsuharu Tsumura, better known as "Micha," stands as a beacon of Nikkei cuisine, having brought this culinary tradition onto the world stage. Born in Lima to a family deeply rooted in the culture of Osaka, Japan, Micha embarked on his culinary journey between two worlds. His education at Johnson & Wales University in the United States and the experience gained in Japanese restaurants honed his skills in creating dishes that masterfully blend Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients. Before fully dedicating himself to his passion for Nikkei cuisine,

Tsumura played a significant role in the culinary operations of the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, where he served as Sous Chef and Food and Beverage Manager. These experiences broadened his vision of culinary management and the creation of innovative menus. At just 28 years old, he was offered the position of hotel general manager, a role he decided to decline to pursue his dream of opening his own restaurant.

Maido, which means "welcome" in Japanese, is the fruit of Tsumura's dedication and talent. Located in Lima, the restaurant explores the richness of Nikkei cuisine, presenting dishes that narrate stories of tradition, innovation, and cultural convergence. Under Tsumura's guidance, Maido has not only become a benchmark for Peruvian gastronomy but has also garnered prestigious international accolades, confirming the chef's role as an ambassador of Nikkei cuisine worldwide.

The career of Mitsuharu Tsumura exemplifies passion, dedication, and innovation in the culinary field. From his international background to the courageous decision to turn down a settled position to follow his heart, Tsumura has shown that the true essence of cooking lies in the exploration and fusion of cultures. Through Maido, he has created a venue where palates are challenged and delighted, and Nikkei cuisine is celebrated and respected, making Mitsuharu Tsumura one of the most influential contemporary chefs.


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