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Marc oberhofer

Marc Oberhofer, chef at Lampl Stube in South Tyrol, is a culinary artist who combines respect for the territory with innovation. With a vision that embraces local traditions and a worldview, Oberhofer creates dishes that are a bridge between the Dolomites and international cuisine.


Marc Oberhofer has transformed the Lampl Stube restaurant, located within the Hotel Lamm in Castelrotto, into a place that celebrates the best of local cuisine with a personal and creative touch. Surrounded by the majesty of the Dolomites and nestled in a medieval village, Oberhofer draws inspiration from the surrounding nature to create dishes that tell stories of land and tradition.

Born and raised in South Tyrol, Oberhofer has always had a passion for cooking. His career has seen him working in various restaurants in the Dolomite region, where he honed his skills and developed a unique style. His culinary vision has been recognized and appreciated by both critics and diners, making Lampl Stube a reference point for food lovers.

His culinary philosophy is based on three pillars: research, quality, and seasonality. Using exclusively high-quality local ingredients, Oberhofer enhances the flavors of the territory through innovative techniques and surprising combinations. His cuisine is a continuous dialogue between the past and present, and each dish is a sensory discovery that surprises and enchants.

The Lampl Stube restaurant, with its three intimate tables and a welcoming atmosphere, offers an exclusive culinary experience: the tasting menus, named after the chef's parents, are a tribute to his roots and his passion for food, translating into a strong focus on sustainability and nutritional balance.


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