Chiara Pannozzo

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Chiara Pannozzo

Chiara Pannozzo, a chef with origins from Pontine and currently at the helm of the Bue Nero restaurant in Verona, has distinguished herself for her skill in revolutionizing traditional Veronese meat cuisine. By combining innovative techniques with high-quality ingredients, Pannozzo is writing a new chapter in the city's gastronomy.


Born in Terracina, Chiara Pannozzo began exploring the culinary world right after completing her hotel management studies. Her passion for cooking took her far beyond her hometown, leading her to significant experiences, including participating in the famous talent show Hell’s Kitchen in 2016. There, she had the opportunity to work with Italian-American chef Eugenio Roncoroni, specializing in meat and offal dishes.

After being part of Carlo Cracco's brigade and managing the team at Bottega Mastrilli in Terracina, Pannozzo moved to Verona to direct Bue Nero, an elegant and modern steakhouse. At Bue Nero, she made significant changes, shifting from a more traditional cuisine to a more sophisticated one, both in preparations and in the choice of raw materials. The chef has a particular talent for bold and innovative pairings, such as veal brain in grilled vine leaves and chickpea tostada with marinated heart.

Pannozzo is known for her skill in preparing meat dishes, but she also excels in handmade pasta and flavorful desserts, reflecting her culinary philosophy. Despite having already achieved significant milestones in her career, she continues to learn and experiment, currently focusing on combinations of meat and fish.


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