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Bernard Pacaud


Bernard Pacaud

Bernard Pacaud is one of the masters of French gastronomy who has contributed to the advancement of international cuisine. With his Three MICHELIN-Starred “L’Ambroisie” in Paris, he has left a significant mark on the culinary world.

Born in 1947 in Brittany, Bernard Pacaud was raised in an orphanage, and at 15, he embarked on his journey into the world of gastronomy with an apprenticeship at the renowned “La Mère Brazier” near Lyon, under the guidance of chef Eugénie Brazier. During his years at Col de la Luère, Bernard undertook various duties, learning as much as possible from both pig farming and the process of selecting local products to cooking techniques. To this day, the chef is not only meticulous in selecting raw materials but also demanding with suppliers, who are always well-paid.

After his time with Eugénie, Bernard moved to the Parisian restaurant “La Méditerranée,” then to “La Coquille” as sous chef in 1973, and later to “Vivarois,” under the guidance of chef Claude Peyrot, learning and evolving, but always maintaining the mantra learned from Eugénie: in the kitchen, use only the best.

In 1981, drawing on the wealth of experience he had accumulated, Pacaud opened his restaurant, “L’Ambroisie,” on the Rive Gauche. He wanted it to be a welcoming restaurant, offering daily specialties and intimate service. Despite its small size, the restaurant quickly gained visibility, and Pacaud, just five years after opening, was ready for a change: “L’Ambroisie” moved to the majestic “Hôtel de Chaulnes” in Place des Vosges. Embodying the principle of "Only the best for the guests," the establishment earned Three MICHELIN Stars, which it has never lost.

After a long and fulfilling career, in 2023 Bernard announced his retirement from his role as chef de “L’Ambroisie,” leaving the position to Christophe Moret.


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