From today, Amatriciana "is drunk": at Maio in Rome, the cocktail that tastes like pasta

Elisa Erriu
COPERTINA amatriciana drink

Leaves the same flavor in your mouth, but you don't eat it: you drink it! All about Maio's "Amatriciana-inspired drink" in Rome.

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Innovation or desire to surprise? Perhaps both, but it's certainly not the first time that recipes from our tradition have been reinterpreted in a modern, unusual, unconventional way. Just think of the still debated tube lasagna by the young chef Valerio Braschi (in our opinion, delicious, despite the objection of purists). Should the idea of "drinking" an Amatriciana really be surprising, then? We leave the answer to you. In the meantime, let's try to "get into" the news.

maio restaurant sala

In the heart of the Capital, among the cobblestone streets and alleys rich in history, Maio Restaurant & Rooftop in the center of Rome has revolutionized two icons of the food and wine world, the Amatriciana and the Bloody Mary, combining them into a cocktail signed by the bar manager Erica Campagna: "The Amatriciana in a sip". Amatriciana, an iconic dish of Roman cuisine, has always won over food lovers with its combination of crispy guanciale (pork cheek), tomato, and aged pecorino. The idea of ​​turning a classic dish into a drink is bold and intriguing. But what makes this version of the Bloody Mary so special?

maio restaurant amatriciana
Maio's Amatriciana

First of all - as ANSA reports - it was made using the "fat washing" technique, a practice known in mixology to "extract" the fat from the guanciale, slowly cooked until crispy, and then transformed into a delicious flavored liqueur. In this version, tequila replaces vodka. This adds depth of flavor and a salty note to the cocktail, which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of fresh tomato juice.

L Amatriciana in un sorso maio restaurant
Amatriciana in a sip

However, to add an authentic "Roman" touch, red chili pepper and black pepper are also added, along with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, with a splash of white wine vinegar. The whole thing is then finished off with a crust of Maldon salt and dried chili pepper.

maio restaurant cocktail ba
Maio's cocktail bar

The final result is a drink worth trying, surprising and delicious, the product of a conscious technique that captures the essence of Roman cuisine in... a flavorful sip. "The Amatriciana in a sip" is a tribute to a cocktail and a dish beloved by the national (and international) guests of the Maio Restaurant & Rooftop. The union of these two winning recipes has allowed for another pairing with other offerings of the venue; a perfect example of how cuisine can be an art, an opportunity to explore new flavors and unexpected combinations.

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