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La Grande Dame Rosé 2015: the world premiere of a great wine by Roy Caceres from Orma

Serena Curto
copertina veuve clicquot orma

Orma, in Rome, hosted the world premiere of Veuve Clicquot's La Grande Dame Rosé 2015. For the occasion, the host - Chef Roy Caceres - curated a unique tasting experience, where different bottles from the Maison were paired with his haute cuisine dishes.

The world premiere of La Grande Dame Rosé 2015 was held in Rome, at Orma. An occasion to honor the innovative force of Madame Clicquot - "La Grande Dame de la Champagne" - famous for her pioneering spirit and decisive influence on the Champagne region.

la grande dame rose 2015 veuve cliquot 3

Widowed at only 27, she decided to invest all her strength and energy in her passion. Madame Clicquot discovered the capabilities of Pinot Noir in Burgundy and throughout her life aimed to achieve the same verticality in Champagne. It was she who sparked a sort of revolutionary movement, which gained momentum in 1818 when she decided to blend the wine from the Clos Colin vineyard with white wine. The result? The first blended Rosé Champagne in history.

la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 12

La Grande Dame Rosé inherits from Pinot Noir its bold verticality, while the 2015 vintage ensures a "warm and colorful vintage, thanks to its hot and sunny summer," as Didier Mariotti, Chef de Caves at Veuve Clicquot, recalls. "La Grande Dame Rosé 2015 represents the essence of Madame Clicquot: the perfect expression of her strength of character, energy, creativity, and above all, her love for Pinot Noir," he concludes.

la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 1


La Grande Dame Rosé 2015 is a blend of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, with an addition of 13% Pinot Noir from Clos Colin (a historically appreciated plot in Bouzy). The floral notes are clear, as are those of peppermint and licorice. It is silky, elegant, and offers a long-lasting pleasure on the palate. The eyes are immediately struck by a shade of "light peach," reminiscent of the mastery of the Italian artist Paola Paronetto. Yes, because for the first time in history, Veuve Clicquot entrusted an artist with the design of the coffret and label of La Grande Dame Rosé.

la grande dame rose 2015 veuve cliquot 1
la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 8

Paola Paronetto wanted to blend the freshness and depth of the Cuvée into a lively light pink, with a hint of yellow in the center. For Paola Paronetto, creating color is like a journey. She absorbs from nature to elegantly blend colorful pigments, always in the right aesthetic balance. With great determination, the artist embraces time and lives it slowly. Only then can her instinct find the perfect combination, just as it did with the very first blended Rosé champagne.

la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 4


The stage for this grand spectacle was Orma, the latest venture of Roy Caceres (a renowned chef of Colombian origin who is finding great success in an ever-evolving Rome, having been awarded the first Michelin star for his Roman restaurant "Orma" less than a year after its opening).

la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 2

Chef Caceres delighted in a masterful execution of dishes capable of embracing the 2015 vintage of La Grande Dame Rosé, among others. Many vegetables, those cultivated in the 1000 sqm experimental garden in Campagnano di Roma, found new vigor in the pairings and numerous contrasts.

la grande dame rose 2015 piatti Roy Caceres StefanoDelia 11

La Grande Dame Rosé 2015 x Paola Paronetto accompanies endive with Taggiasca olives, almonds, and sea buckthorn; followed by great aromaticity with grilled cardoncello mushrooms, lentil miso, a base of peanut milk, and broccoli oil (cultivated in the synergistic and regenerative agriculture garden near Rome, which provides 40% of the vegetable herbs used).

Roy Caceres Indivia olive taggiasche mandorle e olivello spinoso 1
Roy Caceres Cardoncello arachidi e cime di rapa 2

Then comes La Grande Dame 2012 in its splendid Magnum bottle, which complements the texture of the ravioli made only with water and flour, filled with creamy eel from Comacchio, lacquered with Japanese kabayaki eel, sansho pepper, beluga caviar, and toasted spelt broth.

Roy Caceres Raviolo anguilla caviale e farro tostato 2

A complex dish with perfect roundness. Then there's La Grande Dame Rosé 2008 in Jeroboam format to accompany a grilled Abruzzo sheep from Avezzano, served with sheep jus, 'nduja, Castelfranco radicchio, and mustard.

Roy Caceres Pecora nduja e lentisco 3

It ends with a dessert that pays homage to the chef's origins: crispy plantain, buffalo kefir ice cream, pink pepper, arugula, blueberries, and the return of La Grande Dame Rosé 2015.

Roy Caceres Platano kefir e mirtilli 2

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