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Punta Tragara, the iconic hotel with Capri's only Michelin-starred restaurant: Le Monzù balancing tradition and future

Lucia Facchini
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Among the imposing crests of the Faraglioni and the slow rhythm of the island's most secluded part, this 5-star luxury hotel places nature and human touch at its core. Inside, you'll find the only 1 Michelin star restaurant in Capri, where the young Antonio Pedana scales the "great wall" of local excellence with techniques from around the world.

There is a precise phase in life when genius and maturity are poles of the same creative magnetism: at the threshold of 30, a sort of "human magnet" is activated, capturing stimuli from everywhere to return them with uniquely free elaboration. It's rare for a hotel group to bet directly on a team as young as that of Punta Tragara, a summer Dolce Vita jewel capable of gathering the elite of niche tourism worldwide in Capri. 

Pool 2


Yet here, the average age of the staff is inversely proportional to the level of care invested in the stay, from the lemonade offered upon entering the hall to the "bon voyage" written with latte art on the cappuccino of the last breakfast. Instinctively, you find yourself noticing the details before the background - the place's charm is undeniable (and with it the glamorous touch of Manfredi Collections), but both would not have such an impact without a team of equal caliber.

PUNTA TRAGARA 003471 2143
Buffet Breakfast4
PUNTA TRAGARA staff le monzu

The leader? Antonio Pedana (born in '94, a career launched in the family restaurant at 13 and evolved "with suitcase in hand," from Il Sereno to Dublin to the kitchens of Taverna Estìa), newly elected as the executive chef of the complex. Remarkably, the entire crew of Le Monzù, the hotel's restaurant, shares this youthful dynamism. The restaurant has been charting a course towards increasingly ambitious goals, having earned its Michelin star under previous chef Luigi Lionetti in 2019.

antonio pedana chef 2

The setting remains stunning, with the sharp peaks of the Faraglioni and the thick greenery covering the promontory: a scene destined to propel the hotel with the best view of Capri into a modern direction without interruption.

The Hotel

PUNTA TRAGARA 003388 0414 1

The short promenade connecting the village's central piazza to the resort's secluded terrace is already a preview of beauty. Fifteen minutes of immersion in a gradient of colors from turquoise to emerald, praised by Pablo Neruda from his villa on Via Tragara.

PUNTA TRAGARA 003388 0479
Main Pool

The "queen of rock" - as the Chilean poet named Capri - stands out even more against the changing palette of the 44 rooms and suites, thanks to a "camouflaged luxury" centered on naturalism. For instance, the "Pegaso Etro" suite features 90 square meters harmonized with botanical motifs and the white-gray patterns of typical island houses, while the "Tragara" suite's arches create an alluring continuum culminating in a bathroom inspired by the Blue Grotto's reflections.

PuntaTragara 03446 020
Monacone Suite Living
punta tragara 5ArtSuite

Ultimately, it's the small attentions that fully immerse you in this former noble villa's panoramic frame, envisioned by Le Corbusier in 1920 and recently converted into a hotel by Count Goffredo Manfredi. Enjoying a slice of Capri cake facing the bay or watching evening seagulls over a limoncello drink dissolves urban stress, revealing a private and pleasantly secluded Capri.

PUNTA TRAGARA 003471 3430 Pergolato
Tragara Club and the bistrot
PUNTA TRAGARA 003471 3782 Lounge

Do not expect the usual vacation rituals here: understated elegance hits its mark, from the soft fabric cushions on the steps reflecting in the large pool to professional hair treatments by Fabrizio Narducci's team, reviving hair after inevitable saltwater baths.

Antiteatro Area by the pool PUNTA TRAGARA
PUNTA TRAGARA centro hairstyle narducci 2

Two opposing and complementary outlets break the languor: the bistro, with fragrant lime tagliolini and grilled octopus, and Le Monzù, the center of a young restaurant concept deserving its own chapter.


The Chef and Le Monzù Dining Room

"I grew up on discipline and autonomy: in my uncle's restaurant, I handled banquet catering as a teenager and learned that responsibility comes from trust. That's why my team doesn't have a narrow field of vision, but a wide-angle action scope." Antonio Pedana invests in teamwork with zero risk because nurturing the "pack" with trust and stimuli naturally multiplies skills.

antonio pedana chef

"We work together on signature dishes, authentic in ingredients and innovative in execution. For example, I might put miso in lemon risotto without mentioning it: complexity doesn't need to be flaunted; know-how should stay behind the scenes." This operational fluidity is evident thanks to excellent hosts like restaurant manager Luigi Cinque and sommelier Flavio Fusco: their choreographed presentation of dishes and relaxed storytelling compete with the sunset view over Le Monzù's Mediterranean stage.

PUNTA TRAGARA luigi cinque e flavio sommelier

"You must internalize the craft and convey it sensitively," Luigi emphasizes. "I aim to train reliable people, who can only become so if properly encouraged. Once they overcome inexperience, they will shine with guests: I like to give everyone space for personal expression."

luigi cinque
Luigi Cinque

The cellar boasts 400 labels, a range Flavio quadrupled since 2021. His synergy with Antonio is reflected in the wine list, climbing the wall of territorial pairings. This is evidenced by sake paired with the beef tartare with hazelnuts, osmosis-cooked cucumber, tosazu, and beef broth gel: "A challenging recipe to elevate with alcohol, so we persisted with glass-plate tests until finding the right bottle."

PUNTA TRAGARA 003471 4346 Sommelier 2024 06 05 18 53 42
Flavio Fusco
le monzu tartare di manzo

Such drink research is mirrored in cocktail selections by bar manager Roberto Visone for the Tragara Club, like the Punta Tragara with Casamigos Blanco, Nuestra Soledad Matatlan, Chili, Lime, and Passion Fruit: a fresh sip of the Coast.

PUNTA TRAGARA Roberto Visone
PUNTA TRAGARA drink tragara
Drink Tragara

The Dishes of Le Monzù

If menu choices often perplex your gourmet excursions, deciding between Orizzonti (vegetarian tasting), Terra Ferma (mainly "meat"), Tra le Onde (diving into marine biodiversity), and Labirinto di Sapori (8-course chef's choice menu) might be challenging. Antonio's path flows smoothly with returns of intensity and lightness, aided by a nutritional balance that allows guests to breathe during meals (spoiler: you'll notice this as you finish with dessert).

le monzu amuse bouche
The horse d'ouvre by the chef
le monzu pane

Scampi and foie gras is a cultural remix with French and Neapolitan roots. "The French pair foie gras with Pan brioche; we adapt it to babà for a distinctive Campanian texture," the chef explains. Warm from toasting and introduced by lively cereal notes, the bread changes the bite's rhythm, paired with pear cream and brunoise to soften the iron residue. "We make our torchon of foie gras, from de-nerving to marinating with Calvados, salt, sugar, and a full night's ice water bath." The result intrigues with protein contrasts; the crustacean seared in butter adds meatiness to the pâté's velvet texture.

le monzu torchon di foie gras

When you hear "cuttlefish," you might expect a typical mollusk. Instead, Le Monzù's low-temperature cooked cuttlefish with sea urchins and cuttlefish ink powder is a decisive splash, washing away the anonymity of many cephalopods in comfort starters. Thin slices with a hint of camouflage, sprayed with seawater, and presented with mini-algae ravioli for umami reinforcement. Under the iodized layer lies a meaty surprise, with chutney and green apple cubes enhancing salivation.

le monzu seppia

Among the primi, pasta dishes balance playfulness and cleverness. The Spaghetti with tomato extract captures and returns the tomato's gentle essence, with raspberry vinegar adding sharpness. The Eliche with mussels and green chili peppers features scallops transformed into "fish lardo," resembling pork fat.

le monzu spaghetto pomodoro

The Linguine with buffalo butter and lime, served with poached Gillardeau oyster, combines classic and innovative elements. "I wanted liquids to enhance a 'classic' base, tied (but not anchored) to its origins." The mussel mayonnaise increases the silkiness factor, while the creamy knot reconciles curves and edges.

le monzu spaghetto ostrica

Then there’s the golden emblem of Capri, a natural souvenir that you see painted even on the benches when you arrive: the lemon. Antonio makes a "clear to the palate" risotto - as he says - and perhaps it is precisely the attempt to simplify complexity that enhances its appeal. Different varieties of the fruit and as many preparations break through the solid wave of the creaminess: confit lemons, lemon juice, lemon butter. And finally, that pinch of homemade miso incorporated into the seasoning, a stage trick that boosts the capers in their chase for flavor. Agile to taste and to enjoy.


le monzu risotto ai limoni

The new school lobster opens oriental windows in the traditional French repertoire. Medallions in oil-cooking, grilled, and enhanced by panna sauce hiding dashi and lemon juice to cut residual fat. The claw in court bouillon, paired with coral mayonnaise and lobster brain: no waste mantra.

le monzu indivia e aceto di lamponi
A taste from the vegan menu: Endive with raspberries, saffron emulsion, and chocolate

From the cellar emerges triumphantly the Arso 2020 Cabernet Franc Puglia IGT Bio Tormaresca Antinori, a liquid gift that Flavio pours with the proper introductions. Produced in the wild Murgia - a challenging territory for a pure Cabernet - it focuses primarily on the elegance of the tannin and an unusual refreshing fragrance, with hints of rosemary complementing the fruit and spiciness. Rosemary is also found in the dish, smoked, on the lean lamb fillet with beetroot and currants. A sensory kit to explore pastoral Campania: not only fish thrives in the local recipe book.

le monzu filetto di agnello

Regarding memory, desserts soften recollections with lightness, opposing the baroque end of the meal. You find yourself enjoying Milk and Cookies, with hot and cold foam added to a chocolate biscuit, while a cacao wafer holds fresh ice cream, turning a winter breakfast into a summer snack. Ending the dessert fiesta, an exotic solid after-dinner: Piña Colada. Lazy and global, familiar and unpredictable Capri, in this last divided act.

le monzu pina colada


 Hotel Punta Tragara- Ristorante Le Monzù

Via Tragara, 57, 80073 Capri NA

Bookings: +39 081 090 1201

Info: +39 081 837 0844


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