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Dani Carnero: "Young chefs aren't crazy, they only want 8 hr shifts."

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina dani carnero

"People say young people don't succeed. But how can they succeed if we keep repeating to ourselves that we are heading toward the apocalypse?" Dani Carnero, who has just received a MICHELIN Star in Malaga, says "the problem is that we have been used to subservient slaves for a long time now, as we ourselves have been for others."


Kaleja is the lastest restaurant in Magala to have been awarded with a MICHELIN Star: it is all the rage for both its cuisine as well as for the outspoken personality of chef patron Dani Carnero, who indeed prefers to define himself otherwise. "I consider myself an artisan before a chef. In short, an artisan cook. I am not an artist, for I am not interested in that kind of matter. A cook is a person who takes a raw or living food item and transforms it into another state, so that it is eaten and brings pleasure. But he does not stop being at being artisan, a cook, or a stove worker, whichever one you want to call him. It is a subject that can be discussed endlessly over two or three bottles of wine, but personally I have more respect for the artisan than for the artist."

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"Cooking is a craft and because of that it does not have a schedule. I tend to relativize the statement that while others are having fun, we are working, because the opposite also happens. While I am having fun, maybe someone is burying a body. The only difference is that I don't do it in the same place, which is why my friends call me sullen. It’s been a fews years now in which all we ever do is complain. We live with the feeling that the world is ending, that we are all going to die, and that everything sucks."

"People say that young people don't get their act together. But how can they succeed if we keep repeating that we are heading toward the apocalypse? If I were in my 20s and listened to this pessimism all the time, that buying an apartment has become impossible, I would tell everyone to go to hell and work on something else. That's what demotivates people."

"I believe in self-denial as a way of life, but you can't spend your time sinking your staff. Another recurring phrase that I hear is that kids today don't want to work more than eight hours. Let's see, what should it be then, eighteen? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people, in addition to devoting their time to work, could eat, drink, live? And if people can also find love, I think there’s not much else they can thus ask for.”

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"The pandemic has led to a big change in the hospitality industry. After it, we are becoming more aware of some issues. Some people complain that they can't find anyone who wants to work more than eight hours and rest less than two days. But this is normal! The problem is that we have been used to subservient slaves for a long time, as we have been slaves ourselves to others. But the industry system has shown that if everyone respects the work schedule, including rest days, you cannot eat with 40 euros. So, we should increase the total bill per person, as they did in France and Britain. It’s a totally different issue that I am able to economically sustain these rising costs, but this is not the employee’s problem."

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Source: El Español

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Cover Photo: @Daniel Perez

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