Hiroyasu Kawate

Tokyo - Japan

Hiroyasu Kawate

Explore the career of Hiroyasu Kawate, a leading chef who has revolutionized Tokyo's culinary scene with his restaurant Florilège. Inspired by his chef father from a young age, Kawate embraced a passion for gastronomy, choosing French cuisine as his preferred culinary art form.


Raised in Japan, Hiroyasu Kawate was inspired from a young age by his father, also a chef. Seeing the traditional chef's toque, he dreamt of French cuisine and chose it as his favorite form of culinary art. Kawate trained at prestigious institutes like Ebis QEDCLUB and Le Bourguignon in Tokyo, and gained international experience at Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier.

After honing his skills as a sous chef at Quintessence in Tokyo under Chef Shuzo Kishida, Kawate opened his own restaurant, Florilège, in 2009. Here he reinterpreted French cuisine using local Japanese ingredients, creating dishes that reflect a complex fusion of techniques and flavors. His approach focuses on the quality and origin of ingredients, with a strong desire to know each producer personally.

Kawate's cuisine is deeply rooted in sustainability. Addressing the issue of food waste in Japan, he strives to use every part of the ingredients he employs. His famous vegetable soup, made from kitchen leftovers, is just one example of how he integrates environmental responsibility and creativity. This commitment is reflected in his desire to leave a positive impact on the planet for future generations.

Florilège has not only solidified Kawate's reputation as an innovative chef, but it has also become a benchmark for those seeking a culinary experience that harmonizes elegance, ethics, and innovation. His dedication to sustainable cuisine has made him a role model for chefs worldwide.

Hiroyasu Kawate continues to inspire with his culinary vision, demonstrating that it is possible to innovate while respecting traditions and the environment. His story is a bright example of how passion, innovation, and ethical commitment can transform the world of gastronomy.


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