Takahiko Kondo

Tokyo - Japan

Taka Kondo

Takahiko Kondo, also known as "Taka," has emerged as a pivotal figure in Massimo Bottura's culinary universe, becoming a symbol of the fusion between Japanese precision and Italian innovation. His trajectory from starting out in Tokyo's restaurants to becoming the co-executive chef at the Gucci Osteria in Florence tells a story of a culinary journey without borders.


Born in Tokyo in 1978, Takahiko Kondo embarked on his culinary journey right after high school, working in the capital's restaurants. His passion for cooking and continuous pursuit of growth took him to Italy, where in 2005 he started working at Osteria Francescana under the guidance of Massimo Bottura. Here, Kondo rapidly ascended through the ranks, transitioning from pastry chef to sous chef, significantly contributing to many of the restaurant's most iconic and innovative dishes, including “Oops! I dropped the lemon tart.”

In 2021, Kondo's career took a decisive turn when he became the creative driving force of the Francescana Family, a position that allowed him to manage daily operations and culinary research with the freedom akin to a world-class soccer player. His transformation from a talented chef to an inspirational leader at Osteria Francescana coincided with a period of great creative ferment and success for the restaurant.

The following year, Kondo embraced a new challenge by becoming the co-executive chef at the Gucci Osteria in Florence, joining his wife Karime López. This change marked the beginning of a new chapter for both him and López, with whom he shares not just the culinary stage but also family life, enriched by the arrival of their daughter Ana.

Kondo's path is an extraordinary example of how dedication, humility, and passion can lead to the fulfillment of culinary dreams and international acclaim. His ability to integrate the aesthetics and principles of Japanese cuisine with Italian ingredients and techniques demonstrates a deep understanding of two of the world's richest and most complex gastronomic cultures.


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