Jordi Roca

Girona - Spagna

Jordi Roca

Jordi Roca, the visionary pastry chef of El Celler de Can Roca, has transformed pastry into an arena of innovation and artistic expression. His creations, weaving novel flavors with cutting-edge techniques, reflect a deep understanding of gastronomy and a relentless commitment to experimentation.


Starting his culinary journey directly in starred kitchens, Jordi Roca absorbed high pastry techniques through dynamic apprenticeship rather than traditional academic courses. Damian Allsop’s guidance introduced him to the principles of chocolate-making and sugar sculpting, instilling in him a profound sensitivity for textures and flavor harmonies. Jordi’s entry into the El Celler de Can Roca team marked the beginning of a revolution, where the boundary between dessert and art becomes blurred.

From his iconic "Journey to the South Pole" to creations that resemble contemporary art pieces, each dish is a narrative of taste, a fusion of aesthetics and flavor that elevates the origin of ingredients with almost reverential respect. In his idea laboratory, Jordi dedicates himself to deconstructing classic pastries, reinventing them with an approach that could be described as almost alchemical.

His mastery is expressed in the ability to transform simple ingredients into multisensory experiences, where visual, olfactory, and taste converge in an unprecedented culinary experience. Jordi’s career extends beyond El Celler de Can Roca’s pastry: with projects like Rocambolesc,

Jordi has democratized haute patisserie, bringing the excellence of starred kitchen creations into accessible and innovative formats, through ice creams and chocolates that encapsulate the essence of the restaurant’s most complex desserts.


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