Francesco Martucci

Caserta - Campania

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Francesco Martucci, a world-renowned pizza chef, has revolutionized the art of pizza with his pizzeria "I Masanielli" in Caserta. Winning the award for the best pizza chef for four consecutive years according to 50 Top Pizza, his story is a hymn to dedication, innovation, and quality.


Born in 1980, Francesco Martucci embarked on his pizza journey at just ten years old, attending his uncle's pizzeria. His journey has seen him grow from a dishwasher to a pizza chef, eventually becoming the owner of "I Masanielli," a symbol of excellence in contemporary pizza.

His career exemplifies how passion, humility, and commitment can transform a tradition into an internationally recognized art. Martucci has elevated the art of pizza to new heights by integrating innovative techniques with Neapolitan tradition. Each pizza is a work of art, a perfect balance between dough, quality ingredients, and a dash of creativity. His dedication to quality is evident in the meticulous attention to the selection of raw materials, often sourced from small local producers who share his passion for excellence.

Martucci's philosophy extends beyond pizza. He is an ambassador of Italian culture, promoting not just pizza but also the history and traditions that surround it. His ability to innovate while respecting tradition has led him to be recognized not only as a talented pizza chef but as a true master of Italian cuisine.


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