Maria Grazia Soncini

Maria Grazia Soncini

Maria Grazia Soncini is the chef and beating heart of Capanna di Eraclio, a historic restaurant nestled in the Po Delta. With a strong connection to the land's tradition and a deep passion for genuine cuisine, Soncini has elevated her family's legacy to new culinary heights, earning respect in the Italian gastronomic landscape.


Born above her family's restaurant and raised amidst the scents and flavors of tradition, Maria Grazia Soncini has always had cooking in her blood. Her training, which began from a young age in the home kitchen, was enriched by a profound passion for rock music, influencing her lifestyle and approach to cooking.

Capanna di Eraclio, established in 1922 and managed by the Soncini family since 1962, has become under Maria Grazia's guidance a point of reference for those wishing to discover the authentic flavors of the Po Delta cuisine. The focus on local ingredients, the valorization of seasonal products, and fidelity to tradition blend with innovation and creativity in dishes that narrate the story and culture of the land. Among the specialties that have made Capanna di Eraclio famous, the "arost in umad" eel stands out for its ability to embody the essence of the valley's cuisine, thanks to a skillful preparation that enhances its unique flavors.

Similarly, the fried schie and moeche testify to Soncini's commitment to preserving and celebrating the biodiversity of the surrounding territory. Maria Grazia's cooking is not only an act of love for her land but also an expression of affection towards her guests.  Each dish is designed to make clients feel at home, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites them to share memorable culinary experiences. The Michelin star awarded in 1999 is just one of the numerous attestations of the quality and excellence of Capanna di Eraclio, which continues to be a beacon of authenticity and tradition.


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