Enrique Olvera

Mexico City - Mexico

Olvera credits Daniel Krieger

Enrique Olvera, born in 1976 in Mexico City, is an internationally renowned Mexican chef known for his pioneering role in elevating Mexican cuisine to haute cuisine levels. Founder of Pujol, a restaurant that has earned a prominent spot among the world's top 50 restaurants, Olvera has successfully reinterpreted traditional Mexican flavors with a contemporary vision and meticulous attention to local ingredients.


photo credits Daniel Krieger

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Olvera opened Pujol in 2000 in Mexico City. His work is distinguished by the use of Mexican techniques and ingredients, laying the foundation for a new perspective on rustic indigenous flavors. A quintessential example is the omakase taco bar he constructed in Pujol to showcase the art of tacos, elevating them to culinary jewels. His vision of Mexican cuisine is both irreverent and intellectual, elegant yet authentic.

Olvera has not limited his success to his homeland; he has exported his culinary philosophy to the United States with Cosme in New York and other restaurants like Atla and Damian. Additionally, he runs Eno in Mexico City, is a partner at Criollo in Oaxaca, and serves as the creative chef at Manta in Los Cabos. In 2018, he inaugurated Molino “El Pujol” to preserve the tradition of handmade tortillas with local corn, working closely with small Mexican farmers.

His commitment to sustainability and the valorization of indigenous ingredients is also reflected in the dish “Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo,” which serves a circle of mole aged for more than 1,500 days next to a circle of fresh mole, celebrating the depth and complexity of Mexican flavors.

Olvera is also known for his elegant interpretations of regional Mexican cuisine using indigenous ingredients and updating traditional recipes, such as the “Corn Husk Meringue” and “Smoked Baby Corn with Coffee Mayonnaise and Ant Powder” from Cosme. His influence extends beyond the kitchen, having been featured on television programs like Chef’s Table and The Final Table on Netflix, becoming a global ambassador of Mexican gastronomy.

The career of Enrique Olvera demonstrates how passion, innovation, and respect for cultural roots can transform traditional cuisine into a world-class gastronomic experience, influencing chefs and culinary enthusiasts around the globe.


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