Mathieu Rostaing Tayard

Biarritz - France

Mathieu Rostaing Tayard

Mathieu Rostaing Tayard, a leading figure in the French gastronomic landscape, is renowned for his ability to break the traditional molds of cooking. With his restaurant Sillon in Biarritz, he has created a culinary laboratory where he reinvents French cuisine with an approach that blends tradition and innovation.


Born into a family where love for food was a constant, Mathieu Rostaing Tayard embarked on his culinary journey from a young age, driven by a passion for gastronomy. His training began at the Auberge de la Brévenne, followed by experiences in internationally renowned restaurants, including those of Nicolas Le Bec and Pierre Gagnaire.

These encounters have shaped his culinary style, enriching it with innovative techniques and a global vision of cooking. In 2008, Rostaing Tayard opened his first restaurant in Lyon, the 126, marking the beginning of an independent career that would lead him to explore the world and gather inspiration from various culinary cultures.

After traveling in India, Nepal, Japan, and Canada, he returned to Lyon to open Café Sillon, a place where market cooking meets creativity, earning the appreciation of critics and the public. The closure of Café Sillon in 2018 marked the beginning of a new chapter in Rostaing Tayard's career.

His love for surfing and the mountains took him to Biarritz, where he opened Sillon, a restaurant that reflects his culinary philosophy: a respectful approach to local products enriched by a worldview. Here, Rostaing Tayard continues to experiment, offering his guests dishes that are expressions of a rich and varied territory, and of a cuisine that knows no boundaries.


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