Martina Caruso

Isola di Salina - Sicilia

Martina Caruso credits Lido Vannucchi

Martina Caruso, chef at the Signum Restaurant on the island of Salina, is an undisputed talent of Italian cuisine, recognized for her ability to blend the flavors of Aeolian tradition with futuristic techniques. Her story is a journey of passion, dedication, and prestigious accolades, including a Michelin Star and the title of Michelin Female Chef of the Year for 2019.


Photo credits: Lido Vannucchi

Born in 1989, Martina Caruso inherited her love for cooking from her father Michele, a self-taught chef at Signum, and nurtured this passion amidst the scents and colors of the island of Salina. Her culinary training began at just 14 years old, when she decided to follow in her father's footsteps by enrolling in a hotel school and working alongside him during the summers.

Her curiosity and desire to learn led her to travel, accumulating experiences in prestigious restaurants in Rome, London, and Lima, under the guidance of masters such as Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Esposito. These experiences enriched her culinary repertoire, allowing her to develop a personal style that values local products through a creative and contemporary approach.

At just 23 years old, Martina took the helm of Signum Restaurant with her brother Luca, creating a cuisine that elevates the flavors of the island with originality and refinement. Her talent was soon recognized: in 2016, she received a Michelin Star, followed by numerous other awards celebrating her excellence and contribution to the valorization of Mediterranean cuisine.

The 2019 Michelin Female Chef Award, in collaboration with Veuve Clicquot, is a recognition of her ability to represent her homeland through dishes that combine great technique and sensitivity. Martina thus becomes a symbol of gastronomic evolution, bringing the island of Salina and its unique products into the spotlight of international gastronomy.


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