Alessandro Miocchi

Albano Laziale - Lazio


Alessandro Miocchi has established himself as one of Rome's most talented chefs, reinventing Italian cuisine with a modern approach. Together with his partner, Giuseppe Lo Iudice, they have created Retrobottega, a place where cooking becomes a spectacle and each dish tells the story of the region through seasonal ingredients and cutting-edge culinary techniques.


From the early steps to the limelight: Born in Albano Laziale in 1984, Alessandro began his journey in gastronomy after attending a hotel school, working with internationally renowned chefs such as Enrico Crippa and Antonio Guida, before joining the kitchens of Il Pagliaccio. His passion for nature leads him to explore the woods of Lazio and Abruzzo, where he gathers herbs, roots, and wild fruits, practicing foraging to enrich his dishes with authentic flavors.

Culinary Philosophy: Miocchi's philosophy is based on the constant pursuit of pure taste, from the careful selection of raw materials to the choice of cooking techniques, both innovative and ancestral. At Retrobottega, he and Lo Iudice have created a multifaceted environment where cooking transforms into an ongoing dialogue with the region's small artisans, orchestrating unusual pairings like wild boar tartare with grilled calamari and pigeon with tamarind and Jerusalem artichoke.

Accolades and Success: Retrobottega quickly stood out for its unique culinary offering and innovative approach to dining, becoming a benchmark for lovers of modern Italian cuisine. The menu is constantly changing, reflecting the chefs' philosophy of continual evolution and pursuit of perfection.

Impact and Vision: Beyond Retrobottega, Miocchi and Lo Iudice have expanded their impact in the culinary world with the opening of RetroPasta, an artisanal pasta workshop that packages sheets stuffed with ever-new fillings, and RetroVino, a wine shop offering a carefully selected range of wines accompanied by high-quality dishes. These projects reflect the chefs' commitment to promoting a comprehensive culinary experience, from appetizer to dessert, always maintaining a strong connection with the environment and its resources.


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