Davide Di Fabio

Bellante - Abruzzo

Davide Di Fabio

Davide Di Fabio, a chef of exceptional talent, has elevated Ristorante Dalla Gioconda in Gabicce Monte to a pinnacle of culinary excellence. His experience gained at Osteria Francescana, under the guidance of Massimo Bottura, is reflected in a cuisine that explores new gastronomic horizons.


Starting his career at a young age, Davide Di Fabio has distinguished himself by blending culinary innovation with respect for gastronomic roots.

At Ristorante Dalla Gioconda, he takes center stage in the kitchen, where each dish is the result of thorough research and meticulous care.

His career began at Osteria Francescana, where he spent many years alongside Massimo Bottura, quickly rising to the position of sous-chef.

His cuisine celebrates Italy in a unique and original way, highlighting his contemporary vision and passion for quality ingredients and exploration.



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