Céline Pham

Paris - France

Celine Pham

Céline Pham, a chef of Vietnamese origin with French culinary training, has established herself as an innovator in the gastronomy world. Known for her unique "fusion" cooking style, Pham skillfully combines the flavors of her Vietnamese roots with the techniques learned during her French culinary education.


Born and raised with a strong Vietnamese culinary influence, Céline Pham nurtured her deep interest in cooking during her studies at Ferrandi School, followed by experiences in Saturne, Chez Aline, and Septime restaurants in Paris.

Her cooking is described as a search for balance: subtle, delicate, and green, transforming her heritage into inspired dishes when cooking for private parties or events. Pham stands out for her ability to create a unique atmosphere at each event, tailoring her menus to the needs of her clients. With a personal approach and a passion for exploring new flavors and techniques, each of her creations reflects a culinary identity that combines family memories, travels, and personal experiences.

The chef chose for a time not to have a fixed restaurant, preferring the flexibility of cooking for private events and pop-ups, thereby offering a more dynamic and personalized gastronomic experience. Her cuisine is not limited to presenting dishes but also includes an exploration of products, producers, and the political-social context of the territory.

In 2021, she opened her first restaurant, Inari, in the city of Arles in the south of France.



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