Kei Kobayashi

Nagano Giappone


Kei Kobayashi, a Japanese chef and owner of the Kei restaurant in Paris, is renowned for being the first Japanese chef to earn three Michelin stars in France. His cuisine, blending Japanese aesthetics with French culinary tradition, represents an extraordinary cross-cultural fusion of flavors and styles.

The Biography

Born on August 29, 1977, in Nagano, Japan, Kobayashi embarked on his culinary journey under the guidance of his father, a chef at a traditional kaiseki restaurant. However, his passion for French gastronomy was sparked after watching a documentary on the famous French chef Alain Chapel. This revelation led him to Paris, where he opened Kei restaurant, a minimalist-designed space offering an intimate dining experience. In 2020, the restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars, marking a historic milestone for Kobayashi and acknowledging his skill in marrying French culinary art with the essence of Japanese culture.

Kobayashi is known for his precision and attention to detail, crafting dishes that are both visual and gustatory masterpieces. His menu offers a sensory journey exploring the depth and complexity of flavors, always maintaining a perfect balance between the two culinary "worlds".


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