Matthias Kirchler

Rio Bianco - Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol

Matthias Kirchler

Despite his limited experience, Matthias Kirchler is the most northern fine dining chef in Italy, located at "Lunaris 1964," where he offers authentic flavors from Valle Aurina reinterpreted in a gourmet style.

Matthias Kirchler, born in 1993 and raised in Rio Bianco, South Tyrol, dreamed of becoming an excavator driver as a child. However, when his parents took over an alpine refuge in 2002, Matthias began to help in the kitchen and take care of the livestock, discovering a hidden passion.

Following his newfound calling, Matthias enrolled at the Emma Hellenstainer Hotel Institute, not too far from home, and started his professional journey in hotels in South Tyrol and Austria.

In 2014, he gained his first experience at the "Linderhof" hotel, where he worked diligently for three years, learning and growing. Later, he moved to the "Alpenpalace Deluxe Hotel & Spa Resort" as a chef de partie, gaining even more experience.

Matthias's journey continued as he moved to the "Restaurant ice Q" in Sölden, where he worked for one year. Then, back in Italy, he joined the "Hotel Paradies" brigade as a sous chef.

The year 2018 marked a turning point in his career: he returned to the now-renovated "Linderhof," renamed "Lunaris Wellnessresort." The following year, he opened the gourmet restaurant "Lunaris 1964," named in honor of the year the Steger family decided to start the hospitality business in Cadipietra, building the then "Linderhof."

Through a tasting journey reserved for only 8 exclusive guests, "Lunaris 1964" is considered the most northern gourmet restaurant in Italy, where one can discover the flavors of Valle Aurina thanks to the knowledge and work of its young chef.

Despite his limited experience, Matthias has demonstrated a clear talent in combining flavors, studying culinary art books, and drawing inspiration from the techniques and tastes of great chefs like Hans Nuener and Massimo Bottura.

Matthias follows simplicity as his mantra, without neglecting the right touch of creativity, for example, by offering vegetarian menus that showcase the plant-based side of Valle Aurina, with aromatic herbs, mushrooms, lichens, and vegetables.


Cover Photo: @Francesco De Marco


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