Björn Frantzén

Solna, Contea di Stoccolma

Bjorn Frantzen

Björn Frantzén is one of the most respected and influential chefs in the contemporary culinary scene. He has gained worldwide fame through his constant dedication to the culinary arts and gastronomy. Since opening his first restaurant in 2008, his passion has driven him to expand his presence worldwide, opening successful restaurants in various European and Asian cities. He has received prestigious accolades, including a total of 6 MICHELIN Stars.

Björn Frantzén was born in 1977 in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.

As a young man, he showed promising skills in soccer, playing for AIK from 1992 to 1996. However, the culinary arts proved to be his true calling.

Frantzén took his first steps in the world of gastronomy at the kitchen of "Edsbacka krog" in Sollentuna, where he began to distinguish himself as a talented chef. He then continued to refine his skills in renowned restaurants throughout Europe such as "Chez Nico's," "Dining Lettonie," "Pied à Terre," and "L'Arpege."

In 2008, he opened the restaurant "Frantzén-Lindeberg" with a partner, Daniel Lindeberg, which soon gained international fame. As early as 2009, the restaurant received its first MICHELIN Star, followed by the second in 2010 and a third in 2018.

The establishment was named the "Best Swedish Restaurant" by The White Guide for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, "Frantzén-Lindeberg" was ranked 12th best restaurant by Restaurant Magazine.

Parallel to his work as a chef, Björn tested his entrepreneurial skills by founding the "Frantzén Group," through which he launched the catering service "Catering Frantzén" and the Stockholm wine bar "Gaston," which was sold in 2019.

In 2014, Björn had the opportunity to showcase his expertise on the culinary reality show "Frantzén styr upp" and appeared in a series of commercials for Mariestads, the export beer of the Spendrups brewery. A year later, the chef made his entry into the film world with the documentary "Hunger," revealing the immense passion and creativity behind his creations.

In 2016, Björn Frantzén married his long-time partner, Sara Sandberg, with whom he has two daughters, Leiah and Stella.

Over the years, Bjorn has launched several establishments in Stockholm in addition to the renowned three-star "Frantzén-Lindeberg," such as "Boberg Matsal" and "Brasserie Astoria," which opened in 2021.

The "Frantzén Group" also includes dining establishments in Asia, notably the celebrated "Zén" in Singapore, opened in 2018, which received its third Michelin star in 2021, "Villa Frantzén" in Bangkok, and the newest venues, "Brasserie Astoria" in Singapore and the restaurant "Björn Frantzén" in Shanghai, both opened in 2023. There are also "Studio Frantzén" in London and a new venue called "FZN," opened in 2023 in Dubai.

A talented chef and entrepreneur, Björn Frantzén is one of the personalities whose career serves as an example for the future generation of professional chefs.



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