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Satricvm: The Gourmet Destination Drawing Romans Beyond the City to Agro Pontino's High Cuisine

Serena Curto
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With the new menu, at Satricvm, the Odyssey comes to life with every bite. The creativity of Chef Max Cotilli narrates one of the two great Greek epic poems, retracing the journey of Ulysses to Ithaca. Each dish is a chapter, offering a sensory journey through flavors and textures that reflect the epic adventure.

photo @credits Lido Vannucchi

The Story

Situated in the hamlet of Le Ferriere in the province of Latina, Satricvm is a fine dining restaurant born from the ingenuity of Maximiliano Cotilli and Sonia Tomaselli. The project has deep roots, dating back to 2004, when a 1960s villa located right on the main road of Latina was acquired. Surrounded by a meticulously maintained oriental-style garden, the villa underwent a slow and meticulous renovation, transforming it into the enchanting establishment we know today.

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Satricvm celebrates its 14th anniversary, solidifying its reputation as a fine dining reference point in the region and as a meeting place for history and culture. Not far from the restaurant is the archaeological site of Satrico—an ancient city founded by the Latins and later inhabited by the Etruscans and Volsci—from which the restaurant takes its name.

satricvm 24

Satricvm is located just a few kilometers from Rome and near numerous cultural landmarks. Among these are the enchanting Garden of Ninfa, the historic village of Cori, the picturesque village of Sermoneta, and the Archaeological Museum of Anzio and Nettuno. This perfect blend of gastronomy, history, and nature ensures that every visit to Satricvm is a culinary and cultural adventure, worthy of the great epic tales.

max cotilli 1

The interiors of Satricvm reflect a modern design where the Odyssey theme is prominent, showcased through notable design elements. Natural materials such as slate, iron, and wood dominate the space, creating a minimalist environment that highlights nature and draws influence from the surrounding territory. Surrounded by lush reeds, this setting evokes the atmosphere of Japanese Zen gardens, where peace and relaxation prevail.

satricvm 23

The chef Max Cotilli

Maximiliano Cotilli, born in Rome and raised in Nettuno, boasts a career rich in international experiences. After studying at the Gavio Apicio Hospitality School in Anzio and spending some time in Germany, he worked in London with renowned chefs such as Giorgio Locatelli and Gordon Ramsay. His career also took him to India, where he received the Alma Viva Award in 2006. In 2010, Chef Cotilli and Sonia Tomaselli returned to Italy to launch the Satricvm project.

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Chef Maximiliano Cotilli's cuisine is grounded in the use of local ingredients and international culinary techniques, creating dishes that reflect the biodiversity of Agro Pontino—“a melting pot of cultures, shaped by people from all over Italy who settled here during the reclamation period.” His approach combines ingredients, techniques, and research that embark on transoceanic journeys. Chef Cotilli showcases a true artistic flair, bringing to life high culinary art where manual skill, creativity, and profound knowledge of the raw materials ensure an impeccable result for the customer.

The restaurant further elevates the dining experience with a carefully curated wine selection by Sonia Tomaselli and bold cocktail pairings, offering a unique gustatory memory inspired by a dialogue with nature.

satricvm 21

Sonia's career began at Teca and progressed to the renowned Pied à Terre—a two Michelin-starred restaurant—where she collaborated with notable figures such as Marchesi and worked in prestigious establishments like Zafferano and in the City with Alberico Penati. Alongside her culinary journey, Sonia cultivated a deep passion for wine, attending AIS courses in London and achieving the title of professional sommelier through a Master of Wine. With the new menu, Sonia becomes a remarkable narrator, guiding guests step by step through this incredible journey into history, with her rich knowledge and evocative storytelling.

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satricvm 3

The Food

The Odyssey menu at Satricvm is divided into two distinct tasting journeys:

  • "Nessuno" features 5 courses (€100 with 4 paired glasses, water, and coffee, or €70 without pairing)
  • "Itaca" includes 8 courses (€130 with 6 paired glasses, water, and coffee, or €90 without pairing)

Each dish can also be ordered individually, priced at €26 for main courses and €15 for desserts. The culinary adventure begins with "Tutto partì da Troia", a reinterpretation of the Trojan Horse stratagem.

satricvm 5

This dish features dried eggplant chips, vegetable charcoal, and chickpea flour, accompanied by typical Mediterranean mezze such as taramosalata, fermented almond, and burnt eggplant. At the heart of the "horse," hidden among vegetable layers, are Ulysses and his soldiers, represented by edible wafers.

Among the appetizers, there are "Nettuno," an interpretation of the God of the sea with squid tartare, sea fennel, and shredded dried horse meat, paying homage to the town of the same name. Another appetizer is "Circe," a Greek pita filled with raw and cooked tuna, covered by a light veil of ricotta, evoking the profile of the sorceress Circe.

satricvm 13
satricvm 8
satricvm 6

The narrative continues with dishes that evoke key figures from the Odyssey. "Polifemo" features amberjack marinated in sheep fat and glazed with saffron water, representing the cyclops' eye. "Penelope" is a stole woven by the chef with intertwined threads of semolina and wheat pasta, flax flour, and filled with scampi, Greek feta, and tzatziki, celebrating the queen of Ithaca and the traditional filindeu (the pasta of God) of Sardinia.

satricvm 11
satricvm 10
satricvm 14

Other standout dishes include "Sirene," a Satricvm classic, featuring monkfish tail in its sauce, and "Scilla e Cariddi," a nod to the chef's Calabrian roots, with "morzello calabro" of white meats, licorice, and bucatini timbale. "Iperione" pays homage to Sicily with vaca veja, roasted lemon, and a Mediterranean mélange.

The dessert chapter begins with "Naufragio," a puff pastry croissant shaped like a boat on oxidized onion with sea tones. It continues with "Le colonne di Ercole," a creamy Argan oil with crispy olive nougat and a sprinkle of myrrh, culminating in "Coccole divine dell’Olimpo," offering a divine end to the culinary journey.

satricvm 17
satricvm 16

The new Odyssey menu at Satricvm promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey through mythology and the region, celebrating culinary art with a touch of magic and adventure. Chef Max Cotilli serves as a masterful narrator and champion of this unique experience, ensuring that each detail and meticulously researched element comes together to create a feast that transcends mere dining.



Strada Nettunense, 1227 - 04100 Latina

Tel. 349 1923153

satricvm@gmail.com - http://blog.maxcotilli.com

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