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Gianfranco Vissani invents wine "in pill form" for astronauts alongside scientists: a sneak peek

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina vissani vino in pillola

While wine remains at the center of debates among health professionals, some are considering how to bring it into space to make astronauts' journey more enjoyable. Gianfranco Vissani has embarked on an experiment, with the help of technicians and experts, choosing the Muffa Nobile Calcaia from Barberani, Doc Orvieto.

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It's not the first time a top chef has been involved in creating food for astronauts in space (for example, Davide Scabin). However, research is now going further: Gianfranco Vissani is working on creating wine in pill form in collaboration with the Campus-Bio-Medico University of Rome; most likely it will be the Muffa Nobile Orvieto Doc Classico Superiore Calcaia from Barberani.

gianfranco vissani

The challenge is to transform the liquid into compact pills that preserve its organoleptic treasure and potential for enjoyment through technology, making distribution in space possible under peculiar gravity conditions, also with the aim of entertaining astronauts.

vino spazio

Dr. Elena Luciani from the Roman university outlined the project at the Italian Space Agency during the symposium "Dining in Space: Food Production, Preservation, and Preparation," where university technicians, industry experts, and the renowned Umbrian chef joined forces.

gianfranci vissani pierpaolometelli Pier Paolo Metelli
Pier Paolo Metelli

They tested various samples to assess variations in perception based on the quantities tasted. Among them, the Muffa Nobile Calcaia from Barberani stood out, thanks to its aromatic richness, low alcohol content, and wealth of beneficial, antioxidant, or anti-inflammatory substances. But the prospects are not limited to spacecraft: the expectation is that research could lead to new possibilities for preservation, transportation, and tasting, offering advantages in terms of logistics and portion control.

vino spazio pillole

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