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Alchemist Ventures into Space: Rasmus Munk Set to Cook in Spaceship, Here's How

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina alchemist spazio

It will be a unique experience for both chef Rasmus Munk and his six guests aboard the Neptune spacecraft: an avant-garde meal served on the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. "My ambition is to merge gastronomy with art and science to raise awareness on social and environmental issues."

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It must be a habit for Rasmus Munk, chef and co-owner of the extravagant Alchemist in Copenhagen, to push the boundaries. Yet, he had not ventured to the edges of Earth's atmosphere until now. He does so in partnership with SpaceVip, a company specializing in "stratospheric" experiences: in 2025, affluent diners will enjoy their stellar meal aboard the Neptune spacecraft, with panoramic views of space.

Rasmus Munk by Jonathan Hedrick 5
Jonathan Hendrick

The Neptune is a luxury balloon-shaped vehicle, the first of its kind with zero emissions, and it can accommodate six guests without the need for specific training. Guests will have access to WIFI, enabling them to send live updates and stay in touch with loved ones; the experience will take place on the edges of Earth's atmosphere. The adventure attire will be provided by the fashion house Ogier, which will utilize cutting-edge fabrics for their tailored outfits, suitable for extreme conditions. The 6-hour journey will depart from Florida and cost $495,000; all proceeds will be donated to the Space Prize Foundation, which aims to promote gender equality in science and technology.

SP Interior Cosy Lounge space perspective
@Space Perspective

The tasting menu has been developed by the restaurant's laboratory in collaboration with MIT's Media Lab and Space Exploration Initiative. It includes dishes like "Memory of Sakura," inspired by the changing seasons on Earth and the nostalgia of two Japanese astronauts for cherry blossoms, simultaneously blooming across vast distances: preserved cherry blossom within a sphere of its tea, blending poetry and technique. There will also be dishes reflecting the history of space exploration over the last 60 years and its scientific and philosophical impact. All this while witnessing the spectacle of dawn over the expanse of oceans and landmasses.

2 SP Exterior Balloon Florida Space Perspective
@Space Perspective
piatto alchemist nello spazio

Seeing Earth from afar will also be an opportunity to question humanity's position and role in relation to it, following the principles of a "holistic" cuisine. The main dining room of Alchemist, with its monumental dome, is said to have been inspired by Munk's childhood visit to the Amsterdam planetarium. "My ambition is to merge gastronomy with art and science to raise awareness on social and environmental issues," declares the chef. It's called the "Overview Effect": essentially, the view of Earth against the backdrop of darkness reminds us that we all literally live on the same planet, and our destinies are interconnected, bringing us back to our responsibilities through a transformation of consciousness.

Rasmus Munk by Claes Bech Poulsen
@Claes Bech Poulsen

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