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Rear: A young chef brings elegance to Campanian cuisine in Nola.

Francesca Feresin
copertina rear nola

In Nola, Salvatore Iazzetta amazes with "contemporary Campanian" cuisine open to influences from around the world. His menu balances luxury and authenticity.

The story 

We are in Campania, not in Naples but in Nola, the small Campanian city that gave birth to Giordano Bruno and fills up with lilies in June. Here, since 2020, there's Rear, a fine dining restaurant, a blend of design and taste, which earned a Michelin star in 2021.

Rear Sala

The owner and mind behind the project is Giuseppe Tufano, a visionary entrepreneur and tireless traveler who has seamlessly woven various establishments in his Nola. Right next to Rear is Ro World, a versatile venue guiding guests through different phases of the day, from breakfast to dinner. It includes a Coffee Shop and high pastry section, a cocktail bar, bistro, Rear (fine dining restaurant), and, on the rooftop, Vero Omakase, a Japanese cuisine restaurant.

ro world

In Rear's kitchen, you find the young and always smiling Salvatore Iazzetta. Born in '93, a Neapolitan, he trained at Kresios by Giuseppe Iannotti and Quercus by Alfio Nicolosi, inside Tenuta dell'Annunziata in the province of Como. Attached to the territory, Iazzetta brings to the table a cuisine embracing technique, substance, and aesthetics. His hands can deliver a Neapolitan ragù with top marks, as well as an olive oil-cooked cod or a king crab pasta.

Salvatore Iazzetta Rear3

Thanks to Salvatore, at Rear, the grandeur of Campanian gastronomic tradition becomes contemporary and cross-cultural, influenced by spices, sauces, and raw materials borrowed from the rest of the world. The menu is extensive and eclectic, offering various tasting journeys, from "The Smell of the Sea" at $103 (Chef's aperitif, a "Street food" offering, appetizer, first course, second course, and dessert) to "By Land" also at $103, and "Come Away with Me" at $157 with eight courses.

Salvatore Iazzetta Rear 4

You can also freely order à la carte, experimenting with street food dishes, not limited to Neapolitan, seasonal dishes, meat and fish grilled proposals, and a wide selection of raw seafood. The pastry section, managed by Cesare Casoria, is equally impressive, creating technical, tasty, and always convincing desserts.

ro world pasticceria

In the dining area, Roberto Tanzi and Michelangelo Raffa, respectively the dining room manager and sommelier, complete the circle of a high-level gastronomic experience. Notably, the wine cellar boasts about a thousand labels that narrate Campania and the world, featuring both gems and great classics.

Rear nola

The dishes

At the round table, a Campanian-style welcome arrives. There's Prussian brisket Tacos, Neapolitan ragù croquette, and even broccoli rabe ice cream to spread on homemade crackers. Every bite is full and appetizing, heralding a significant lunch. The first appetizer pays homage to a humble Neapolitan dish, Alici in tortiera (anchovies in a pan), marinated in a citrus-balanced salt and served on a reassembled disc of bread crumbs flavored with provolone, pecorino, and pine nuts. The dish is completed with chicory sauce and pickling gel.

salvatore iazzetta Alici in tortiera

"I wanted to be roasted": this is the second course of the menu featuring artichoke as the protagonist. It is steam-cooked and accompanied by mint, roasted Jerusalem artichoke cream, melted provolone, and a fried pork meatball. The presentation is scenic: the dish arrives covered by a cloche ready to unveil the underlying charcoal aroma. More international is the Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich, with toasted brioche, marinated and smoked Wagyu, truffle mustard mayonnaise, and crispy onion. The meat is cooked in a josper, thinly sliced, and served between two slices of bread. The mayonnaise is delicious and tempers the smoky notes of the meat.

salvatore iazzetta sandwich di pastrami

Among the first courses, the Tubettone with King Crab, oysters, and Champagne stands out for its cooking and quality of ingredients. The crab's bottom and its sweet pulp harmonize well with the iodized savouriness of the oyster in sauce. Seaweed powder and cuttlefish ink complete the dish, giving it color and aroma. More Roman is the Cappelletto filled with vaccinara oxtail cheek, potato foam, and fermented red berries. Salvatore plays with contrasts, between the thick and genuine egg pasta and the moist and flavorful filling. A journey around cod is realized with the first of the second courses: "Cod in white and black". 

salvatore iazzetta baccala

The fish is cooked in olive oil and masked by a foam scented with yuzu and cuttlefish ink. Here too, Iazzetta's skill in cooking the protein and balancing between saltiness and acidity is evident. More Nordic is the Deer with porcini foam, chanterelles, and truffle pumpkin. A second course that celebrates autumn and its colors. It concludes beautifully with the Chestnut Soufflé, chestnut sauce, and vanilla ice cream. A dessert of great French tradition, executed to perfection here.

salvatore iazzetta cervo 2 in autunno
salvatore iazzetta souffle


Rear Restaurant

SS7/bis, km 50- 80035 Nola (Na)

Phone: + 39 333 211 1322

Open for dinner from Monday to Saturday 

Open Sunday lunch 

Sunday closed


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